Story of the divine with a big turban

Story of the divine with a big turban and the man who carried it off, and how he (the divine) shouted, “Undo it and see what you are taking: then take it (if you wish)!” حکایت آن فقیه با دستار بزرگ و آنک بربود دستارش و بانگ می‌زد کی باز کن ببین کی چه می‌بری آنگه ببر

یک فقیهی ژنده‌ها در چیده بود
در عمامه‌ی خویش در پیچیده بود
A certain divine had collected some old rags and wound them in his turban,
تا شود زفت و نماید آن عظیم
چون در آید سوی محفل در حطیم
In order that it might become big and look grand when he came into the assembly in the Hatím.
ژنده‌ها از جامه‌ها پیراسته
ظاهرا دستار از آن آراسته
He had clipped the rags from (various) garments and outwardly embellished the turban with them.
ظاهر دستار چون حله‌ی بهشت
چون منافق اندرون رسوا و زشت
The exterior of the turban was like a robe of Paradise, (but) it was shameful and ugly within, like the hypocrite.
پاره پاره دلق و پنبه و پوستین
در درون آن عمامه بد دفین
Shreds of dalq (dervish-cloak) and cotton and fur were buried inside that turban.
روی سوی مدرسه کرده صبوح
تا بدین ناموس یابد او فتوح
He had set his face towards the college at dawn, that by means of this false dignity he might gain (material) blessings.
در ره تاریک مردی جامه کن
منتظر استاده بود از بهر فن
A clothes-robber stood waiting on the dark road to practise his craft.
در ربود او از سرش دستار را
پس دوان شد تا بسازد کار را
He snatched the turban from his head, and then started to run in order that he might settle the business.
پس فقیهش بانگ برزد کای پسر
باز کن دستار را آنگه ببر
Thereupon the divine shouted at him, saying, “O son, undo the turban (first), then take it (away with you).
این چنین که چار پره می‌پری
باز کن آن هدیه را که می‌بری
Even as you are flying with four wings (very rapidly), (with the same speed) undo the gift which you are taking away.
باز کن آن را به دست خود بمال
آنگهان خواهی ببر کردم حلال
Undo it and rub (feel) with your hand, then take it if you like: I sanction (that).”
چونک بازش کرد آنک می‌گریخت
صد هزاران ژنده اندر ره بریخت
When he who was fleeing undid it, a hundred thousand rags dropped on the road.
زان عمامه‌ی زفت نابایست او
ماند یک گز کهنه‌ای در دست او
Of that big improper turban of his there remained in his (the robber’s) hand (only) an ell of old cloth.
بر زمین زد خرقه را کای بی‌عیار
زین دغل ما را بر آوردی ز کار
He dashed the rag on the ground, saying, “O worthless man, by this fraud you have put me out of business (deprived me of profit).”




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