How Mu‘áwiya once more pressed Iblís hard

How Mu‘áwiya once more pressed Iblís hard .باز الحاح کردن معاویه ابلیس را

گفت غیر راستی نرهاندت
داد سوی راستی می‏خواندت‏
He said, “Nothing but the truth will save you: justice is calling you to (speak) the truth.
راست گو تا وارهی از چنگ من
مکر ننشاند غبار جنگ من‏
Tell the truth, so that you may be delivered from my hand: cunning will not lay the dust of my war (will not induce me to leave you in peace).”
گفت چون دانی دروغ و راست را
ای خیال‏اندیش پر اندیشه‏ها
He (Iblís) said, “How do you know (the difference between) falsehood and truth, O thinker of vain fancies, (you that are) filled with (idle) thoughts (about me)?”
گفت پیغمبر نشانی داده است
قلب و نیکو را محک بنهاده است‏
He answered, “The Prophet has given an indication: he has laid down the touchstone (criterion) for (distinguishing) the base coin and the good.
گفته است الکذب ریب فی القلوب
گفت الصدق طمانین طروب‏
He has said, ‘Falsehood is (the cause of) disquiet in (men’s) hearts’; he has said, ‘Truth is (the cause of) a joyous tranquillity.’
دل نیارامد ز گفتار دروغ
آب و روغن هیچ نفروزد فروغ‏
The (troubled) heart is not comforted by lying words: water and oil kindle no light.
در حدیث راست آرام دل است
راستیها دانه‏ی دام دل است‏
(Only) in truthful speech is there comfort for the heart: truths are the bait that entraps the heart.
دل مگر رنجور باشد بد دهان
که نداند چاشنی این و آن‏
Sick, surely, and ill-savoured is the heart that knows not (cannot distinguish) the taste of this and that.
چون شود از رنج و علت دل سلیم
طعم کذب و راست را باشد علیم‏
When the heart becomes whole (is healed) of pain and disease, it will recognize the flavour of falsehood and truth.
حرص آدم چون سوی گندم فزود
از دل آدم سلیمی را ربود
When Adam’s greed for the wheat waxed great, it robbed Adam’s heart of health.
پس دروغ و عشوه‏ات را گوش کرد
غره گشت و زهر قاتل نوش کرد
Then he gave ear to your lies and enticements: he was befooled and drank the killing poison.
کژدم از گندم ندانست آن نفس
می‏پرد تمییز از مست هوس‏
At that moment he knew not scorpion (kazhdum) from wheat (gandum): discernment flies from one that is drunken with vain desire.
خلق مست آرزویند و هوا
ز آن پذیرایند دستان ترا
The people are drunken with cupidity and desire: hence they are accepting your cheatery.
هر که خود را از هوا خود باز کرد
چشم خود را آشنای راز کرد
Whoever has rid his nature of vain desire has (thereby) made his (spiritual) eye familiar with the secret.




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