On the beginning of the creation

On the beginning of the creation of the body of Adam, on whom be peace, when He (God) commanded Gabriel, on whom be peace, saying, “Go, take a handful of clay from this Earth,” or according to another relation, “Take a handful from every region.” در ابتدای خلقت جسم آدم علیه‌السلام کی جبرئیل علیه‌السلام را اشارت کرد کی برو از زمین مشتی خاک برگیر و به روایتی از هر نواحی مشت مشت بر گیر

چونک صانع خواست ایجاد بشر از برای ابتلای خیر و شر
When the Maker willed to bring Man into existence for the purpose of probation with good and evil,
جبرئیل صدق را فرمود رو مشت خاکی از زمین بستان گرو
He commanded Gabriel the true, saying, “Go, take a handful of clay from the Earth as a pledge.” 
او میان بست و بیامد تا زمین تا گزارد امر رب‌العالمین
He girt his loins and came to the Earth, that he might execute the command of the Lord of created beings.
دست سوی خاک برد آن متمر خاک خود را در کشید و شد حذر
That obedient one moved his hand towards the Earth: the Earth withdrew herself and was afraid.
پس زبان بگشاد خاک و لابه کرد کز برای حرمت خلاق فرد
Then the Earth loosed her tongue and made supplication, saying, “For the sake of the reverence due to the unique Creator,
ترک من گو و برو جانم ببخش رو بتاب از من عنان خنگ رخش
Take leave of me and go! Spare my life! Go, turn aside from me the reins of thy white steed!
در کشاکشهای تکلیف و خطر بهر لله هل مرا اندر مبر
For God’s sake, leave me and do not plunge me into the troubles of (moral) obligation and danger.
بهر آن لطفی که حقت بر گزید کرد بر تو علم لوح کل پدید
(I beseech thee) for the sake of the favour by which God chose thee out and revealed to thee the knowledge (written) in the Universal Tablet,
تا ملایک را معلم آمدی دایما با حق مکلم آمدی
So that thou hast become the teacher of the Angels and art conversing with God continually;
که سفیر انبیا خواهی بدن تو حیات جان وحیی نی بدن
For thou wilt be the messenger sent to the prophets: thou art the life of the inspired spirit, not (the life) of the body.
بر سرافیلت فضیلت بود از آن کو حیات تن بود تو آن جان
Thou (ever) hadst superiority over Seraphiel because he is the body’s life, (while) thou art the spirit’s.
بانگ صورش نشات تن‌ها بود نفخ تو نشو دل یکتا بود
The blast of his trumpet is (producing) the growth of bodies; thy breath is (producing) the growth of the single heart.
جان جان تن حیات دل بود پس ز دادش داد تو فاضل بود
The life of the heart is the soul of the soul of the b÷ody: therefore thy gift is superior to his.
باز میکائیل رزق تن دهد سعی تو رزق دل روشن دهد
Again, Michael gives the sustenance (proper) for the body, (but) thy labour gives the sustenance (proper) for the illumined heart.
او بداد کیل پر کردست ذیل داد رزق تو نمی‌گنجد به کیل
He has filled his skirt with gifts (of sustenance dispensed) by measure, (but) thy gifts of sustenance are immeasurable.
هم ز عزرائیل با قهر و عطب تو بهی چون سبق رحمت بر غضب
Moreover, thou art better than Azrael the tyrannous and enraged, even as (Divine) Mercy is prior to Wrath.
حامل عرش این چهارند و تو شاه بهترین هر چهاری ز انتباه
These four (Angels) are the bearers of the (Divine) Throne, and thou (art their) king: thou art the best of all of the four from being (spiritually) awake.
روز محشر هشت بینی حاملانش هم تو باشی افضل هشت آن زمانش
On the Day of the (Last) Congregation thou wilt see that its bearers are eight: at that time also thou wilt be the most excellent of its eight (bearers).”
هم‌چنین برمی‌شمرد و می‌گریست بوی می‌برد او کزین مقصود چیست
Thus was she (the Earth) enumerating (his qualities) and weeping: she guessed what was the object of this (mission).
معدن شرم و حیا بد جبرئیل بست آن سوگندها بر وی سبیل
Gabriel was a mine of reverence and respect: those adjurations barred the way against him.
بس که لابه کردش و سوگند داد بازگشت و گفت یا رب العباد
Inasmuch as she entreated and adjured him, he returned and said, “O Lord of Thy servants,
که نبودم من به کارت سرسری لیک زانچ رفت تو داناتری
(I protest) that I have not been remiss in Thy affair, but Thou knowest what happened better (than I).
گفت نامی که ز هولش ای بصیر هفت گردون باز ماند از مسیر
She (the Earth) pronounced the Name from awe of which, O All-seeing One, the Seven Heavens would cease from their course.
شرمم آمد گشتم از نامت خجل ورنه آسانست نقل مشت گل
(A feeling of) shame came over me, I was abashed by Thy Name; else, ’tis easy to convey a handful of earth,
که تو زوری داده‌ای املاک را که بدرانند این افلاک را
For Thou hast bestowed such a strength upon the Angels that they can tear these celestial spheres to shreds.”




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