How Iblís once more exhibited his deceit.

How Iblís once more exhibited his deceit. باز تقریر ابلیس تلبیس خود را

گفت هر مردی که باشد بد گمان
نشنود او راست را با صد نشان‏
He said, “No man that thinks evil (is suspicious) would hearken to the truth notwithstanding a hundred signs (that pointed it out).
هر درونی که خیال‏اندیش شد
چون دلیل آری خیالش بیش شد
Every mind that has conceived fancies (suspicions) when you bring forward proof, its fancy is increased.
چون سخن دروی رود علت شود
تیغ غازی دزد را آلت شود
When (sound and true) words enter it, they become a disease (they are corrupted and falsified): the holy warrior’s sword becomes a tool for the thief.
پس جواب او سکوت است و سکون
هست با ابله سخن گفتن جنون‏
Therefore the answer to him is silence and rest: to talk with a fool is madness.
تو ز من با حق چه نالی ای سلیم
تو بنال از شر آن نفس لئیم‏
Why do you complain to God of me, O simpleton? Complain of the wickedness of that vile fleshly soul.
تو خوری حلوا تو را دنبل شود
تب بگیرد طبع تو مختل شود
You eat halwá (sweetmeat), (then) boils break out in you, fever lays hold of you, your health is disordered.
بی‏گنه لعنت کنی ابلیس را
چون نبینی از خود آن تلبیس را
You curse Iblís, guiltless (though he is). How do you not see (that) that deception (proceeds) from yourself?
نیست از ابلیس از تست ای غوی
که چو روبه سوی دنبه می‏دوی‏
It is not (the fault) of Iblís, it is (the fault) of yourself, O misguided one, that you are going like a fox towards the sheep’s fat tail.
چون که در سبزه ببینی دنبه را
دام باشد این ندانی تو چرا
When you see the fat tails in the green field, ’tis a snare. Why are you ignorant of this?
ز آن ندانی کت ز دانش دور کرد
میل دنبه چشم و عقلت کور کرد
You are ignorant because desire for the fat tail has made you far from knowledge and has blinded your (spiritual) eye and intelligence.
حبک الأشیاء یعمیک یصم
نفسک السودا جنت لا تختصم‏
Your love of (sensual) things makes you blind and deaf; your black fleshly soul is the culprit: do not quarrel (with others).
تو گنه بر من منه کژ مژ مبین
من ز بد بیزارم و از حرص و کین‏
Do not put the guilt on me, do not see upside down. I am averse to evil and greed and enmity.
من بدی کردم پشیمانم هنوز
انتظارم تا شبم آید به روز
I did an evil deed and am still repenting: I am waiting that my night may turn to day.
متهم گشتم میان خلق من
فعل خود بر من نهد هر مرد و زن‏
I have become suspect amongst mankind: every man and woman lay their (evil) actions on me (at my door).
گرگ بی‏چاره اگر چه گرسنه است
متهم باشد که او در طنطنه است‏
The helpless wolf, though he is hungry, is suspected of being in luxury.
از ضعیفی چون نتاند راه رفت
خلق گوید تخمه است از لوت زفت‏
When, because of feebleness, he cannot go his way, people say it is indigestion (arising) from gross (rich and heavy) food.”




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