How the Prince of the Faithful

How the Prince of the Faithful

How the Prince of the Faithful, ‘Ali—may God honour his person! said to his antagonist, ” When thou didst spit in my face, my fleshly self was aroused and I could no longer act with entire sincerity (towards God): that hindered me from slaying thee.” گفتن امیر المؤمنین علی کرم الله وجهه با قرین خود که چون خدو انداختی در روی من نفس من جنبید و اخلاص عمل نماند، مانع کشتن تو آن شد

گفت امیر المؤمنین با آن جوان
که به هنگام نبرد ای پهلوان‌‌
The Prince of the Faithful said to that youth, “In the hour of battle, O knight,
چون خدو انداختی در روی من
نفس جنبید و تبه شد خوی من‌‌
When thou didst spit in my face, my fleshly self was aroused and my good disposition was corrupted.
نیم بهر حق شد و نیمی هوا
شرکت اندر کار حق نبود روا
Half (of my fighting) came to be for God’s sake, and half (for) idle passion: in God’s affair partnership’ is not allowable.
تو نگاریده‌‌ی کف مولاستی
آن حقی کرده‌‌ی من نیستی‌‌
Thou art limned by the hand of the Lord: thou art God’s (work), thou art not made by me.
نقش حق را هم به امر حق شکن
بر زجاجه‌‌ی دوست سنگ دوست زن‌‌
Break God’s image, (but only) by God’s command; cast (a stone) at the Beloved’s glass, (but only) the Beloved’s stone.”
گبر این بشنید و نوری شد پدید
در دل او تا که زناری برید
The fire-worshipper heard this, and a light appeared in his heart, so that he cut a girdle.
گفت من تخم جفا می‌‌کاشتم
من ترا نوعی دگر پنداشتم‌‌
He said, “I was sowing the seed of wrong: I fancied thee (to be) otherwise (than thou art).
تو ترازوی احد خو بوده‌‌ای
بل زبانه‌‌ی هر ترازو بوده‌‌ای‌‌
Thou hast (really) been the balance (endued) with the (just) nature of the One (God); nay, thou hast been the tongue of every balance.
تو تبار و اصل و خویشم بوده‌‌ای
تو فروغ شمع کیشم بوده‌‌ای‌‌
Thou hast been my race and stock and kin, thou hast been the radiance of the candle of my religion.
من غلام آن چراغ چشم جو
که چراغت روشنی پذرفت از او
I am the (devoted) slave of that eye-seeking Lamp from which thy lamp received splendour.
من غلام موج آن دریای نور
که چنین گوهر بر آرد در ظهور
I am the slave of the the billow of that Sea of Light which brings a pearl like this into view.
عرضه کن بر من شهادت را که من
مر ترا دیدم سرافراز زمن‌‌
Offer me the profession of the (Moslem) Faith, for I regard you as the exalted one of the time.”
قرب پنجه کس ز خویش و قوم او
عاشقانه سوی دین کردند رو
Near fifty persons of his kindred and tribe lovingly turned their faces towards the Religion (of Islam).
او به تیغ حلم چندین حلق را
وا خرید از تیغ و چندین خلق را
By the sword of clemency he (‘Ali) redeemed so many throats and such a multitude from the sword.
تیغ حلم از تیغ آهن تیزتر
بل ز صد لشکر ظفر انگیزتر
The sword of clemency is sharper than the sword of iron; nay, it is more productive of victory than a hundred armies.
ای دریغا لقمه‌‌ای دو خورده شد
جوشش فکرت از آن افسرده شد
Oh, alas, two mouthfuls were eaten, and thereby the ferment of thought was frozen up.
گندمی خورشید آدم را کسوف
چون ذنب شعشاع بدری را خسوف‌‌
A grain of wheat eclipsed the sun of Adam, as the descending node is (the cause of) eclipse to the brilliance of the full-moon.
اینت لطف دل که از یک مشت گل
ماه او چون می‌‌شود پروین گسل‌‌
Behold the beauty of the heart, how its moon scatters the Pleiades (how its light is broken and disordered) by a single handful of clay.
نان چو معنی بود خوردش سود بود
چون که صورت گشت انگیزد جحود
When the bread was spirit, it was beneficial; since it became form, it produces little good.
همچو خار سبز کاشتر می‌‌خورد
ز ان خورش صد نفع و لذت می‌‌برد
As (for example) the green thistles which a camel eats, and gains from eating them a hundred benefits and pleasures:
چون که آن سبزیش رفت و خشک گشت
چون همان را می‌‌خورد اشتر ز دشت‌‌
When the camel from the desert eats those same thistles, after their greenness is gone and they have become dry,
می‌‌دراند کام و لنجش ای دریغ
کان چنان ورد مربی گشت تیغ‌‌
They rend his palate and cheek— oh, alas that such a well-nourished rose became a sword!
نان چو معنی بود بود آن خار سبز
چون که صورت شد کنون خشک است و گبز
When the bread was spirit, it was (like) the green thistles; since it became form, it is now dry and gross.
تو بد آن عادت که او را پیش از این
خورده بودی ای وجود نازنین‌‌
According as thou hadst formerly been in the habit of eating it, O gracious being,
بر همان بو می‌‌خوری این خشک را
بعد از آن کامیخت معنی با ثری‌‌
In the same hope thou (still) are eating this dry stuff, after the spirit has become mingled with clay.
گشت خاک آمیز و خشک و گوشت بر
ز آن گیاه اکنون بپرهیز ای شتر
It has become mixed with earth and dry and flesh-cutting: abstain now from that herbage, O camel!
سخت خاک آلود می‌‌آید سخن
آب تیره شد سر چه بند کن‌‌
The words are coming (forth) very earth-soiled; the water has become turbid: stop up the mouth of the well,
تا خدایش باز صاف و خوش کند
او که تیره کرد هم صافش کند
That God may again make it pure and sweet, that He who made it turbid may likewise make it pure.
صبر آرد آرزو را نه شتاب
صبر کن و الله اعلم بالصواب‌‌
Patience brings the object of desire, not Haste. Have patience and God knoweth best what is right.




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