How Pharaoh took counsel with ha vizier

How Pharaoh took counsel with ha vizier, Hámán, as to believing in Moses, on whom be peace. مشورت کردن فرعون با وزیرش هامان در ایمان آوردن به موسی علیه‌السلام

گفت با هامان چون تنهااش بدید
جست هامان و گریبان را درید
He told Hamán when he saw him alone: Hámán sprang up and rent the bosom of his shirt.
بانگها زد گریه‌ها کرد آن لعین
کوفت دستار و کله را بر زمین
That accursed one uttered loud cries’ and sobs and beat his turban and cap on the ground,
که چگونه گفت اندر روی شاه
این چنین گستاخ آن حرف تباه
Saying, “How durst he say those vain words so impudently in the face of the king?
جمله عالم را مسخر کرده تو
کار را با بخت چون زر کرده تو
Thou hast made the whole world subject (to thy sway); thou, (attended) by fortune, hast made thy estate (brilliant) as gold.
از مشارق وز مغارب بی‌لجاج
سوی تو آرند سلطانان خراج
From all parts of the East and West sultans, without (raising); opposition, bring tribute to thee.
پادشاهان لب همی مالند شاد
بر ستانه‌ی خاک تو این کیقباد
Kings are rubbing their lips joyfully on the dust of thy thresh old, O mighty emperor. 
اسپ یاغی چون ببیند اسپ ما
رو بگرداند گریزد بی عصا
When the enemy’s horse sees our horse, it turns its face and flees without flogging’.
تاکنون معبود و مسجود جهان
بوده‌ای گردی کمینه‌ی بندگان
Hitherto thou hast been worshipped and adored by the (whole) world: (now) thou wilt become the meanest of slaves.
در هزار آتش شدن زین خوشترست
که خداوندی شود بنده‌پرست
To go into a thousand fires is better than this, that a lord should become the servant of a slave.
نه بکش اول مرا ای شاه چین
تا نبیند چشم من بر شاه این
Nay, kill me first, O king of China, that mine eye may not be hold this (servility) in the king.
خسروا اول مرا گردن بزن
تا نبیند این مذلت چشم من
O emperor, behead me first, that mine eye may not behold this ignominy.
خود نبودست و مبادا این چنین
که زمین گردون شود گردون زمین
Truly never has there been and never may there be! such a thing as this, that the earth should become the sky, and the sky become the earth;
بندگان‌مان خواجه‌تاش ما شوند
بی‌دلان‌مان دلخراش ما شوند
(That) our slaves should become our fellow-servants, (and that) our timorous ones should become those who (cruelly) wound our hearts; 
چشم‌روشن دشمنان و دوست کور
گشت ما را پس گلستان قعر گور
(That our) enemies (should be) bright-eyed and (our) friends blind: then (in that case) the rose-garden has become for us (like) the bottom of the tomb.”




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