The remainder of the story of the guest

The remainder of the story of the guest

The remainder of the story of the guest in the guest-killing mosque.بقیه‌ی ذکر آن مهمان مسجد مهمان‌کش

باز گو کان پاک‌باز شیرمرد اندر آن مسجد چه بنمودش چه کرد
Relate what appeared in the mosque to that self-sacrificing valiant man, and what he did.
خفت در مسجد خود او را خواب کو مرد غرقه گشته چون خسپد بجو
He slept in the mosque, (but) where (how) in sooth had he sleep? How should a submerged man sleep in the river?
خواب مرغ و ماهیان باشد همی عاشقان را زیر غرقاب غمی
Always, for the lovers (of God) beneath the flood of a (great) passion, there is (only) the sleep of birds and fishes.
نیمشب آواز با هولی رسید کایم آیم بر سرت ای مستفید
At midnight came an awful voice, “I come, I come upon thee, O thou that seekest advantage.”
پنج کرت این چنین آواز سخت می‌رسید و دل همی‌شد لخت‌لخت
Five times came such a terrible voice, and his heart was being rent piecemeal.




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