How Shaykh Abu ’l-Hasan, may God be well-pleased

How Shaykh Abu ’l-Hasan, may God be well-pleased with him, heard Báyazíd’s announcement of his coming into existence and of what should happen to him. شنیدن شیخ ابوالحسن رضی الله عنه خبر دادن ابویزید را و بود او و احوال او

هم‌چنان آمد که او فرموده بود
بوالحسن از مردمان آن را شنود
It came to pass just as he (Báyazíd) had said. Bu ’l-Hasan heard from the people that (prediction),
که حسن باشد مرید و امتم
درس گیرد هر صباح از تربتم
(Namely), “Hasan will be my disciple and my true follower (umma), and will receive lessons from my tomb at every dawn.”
گفت من هم نیز خوابش دیده‌ام
وز روان شیخ این بشنیده‌ام
He (Abu ’l-Hasan) said, “I have also seen him in a dream and have heard this from the spirit of the Shaykh.”
هر صباحی رو نهادی سوی گور
ایستادی تا ضحی اندر حضور
Every dawn he would set his face towards the grave and stand (there) in attention till the forenoon,
یا مثال شیخ پیشش آمدی
یا که بی‌گفتی شکالش حل شدی
And either the apparition of the Shaykh would come to him, or without anything spoken his difficulty would be solved,
تا یکی روزی بیامد با سعود
گورها را برف نو پوشیده بود
Till one day he came auspiciously (to visit the grave): the graves were covered with new-fallen snow.
توی بر تو برفها هم‌چون علم
قبه قبه دیده و شد جانش به غم
He saw the snows, wreath on wreath like flags, mound (piled) on mound; and his soul was grieved.
بانگش آمد از حظیره‌ی شیخ حی
ها انا ادعوک کی تسعی الی
From the shrine of the (spiritually) living Shaykh came to him a cry, “Hark, I call thee that thou mayst run to me.
هین بیا این سو بر آوازم شتاب
عالم ار برفست روی از من متاب
Hey, come quickly in this direction, towards my voice: if the world is (full of) snow, (yet) do not turn thy face away from me.”
حال او زان روز شد خوب و بدید
آن عجایب را که اول می‌شنید
From that day his (spiritual) state became excellent, and he saw (experienced) those wondrous things which at first he was (only) hearing (knowing by hearsay).




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