The difference between

The difference between the call of the perfect Shaykh who is united with God and the words of imperfect men whose (spiritual) virtues are acquired and artificial. فرق میان دعوت شیخ کامل واصل و میان سخن ناقصان فاضل فضل تحصیلی بر بسته

شیخ نورانی ز ره آگه کند با سخن هم نور را همره کند
The illumined Shaykh makes (his disciples) cognisant of the Way; moreover, he causes the light (of faith) to accompany his words.
جهد کن تا مست و نورانی شوی تا حدیثت را شود نورش روی
Strive to become intoxicated and illumined, in order that his light may be (like) the rhyme-letter to your discourse.
هر چه در دوشاب جوشیده شود در عقیده طعم دوشابش بود
Whatever (fruit or vegetable) is boiled in grape-juice, the flavour of grape-juice will be (tasted) in its syrup.
از جزر وز سیب و به وز گردگان لذت دوشاب یابی تو از آن
(Whether it be syrup) of carrots or apples or quinces or walnuts, you will taste in it the delicious flavour of grape-juice.
علم اندر نور چون فرغرده شد پس ز علمت نور یابد قوم لد
When your knowledge is steeped in the light (of faith), then the contumacious folk derive light from your knowledge.
هر چه گویی باشد آن هم نورناک که آسمان هرگز نبارد غیر پاک
Whatsoever you say, too, will be luminous, for the sky never rains aught but pure (water).
آسمان شو ابر شو باران ببار ناودان بارش کند نبود به کار
Become (like) the sky, become (like) the cloud and shed rain: the spout rains (too), (but) it is not at work (productively).
آب اندر ناودان عاریتیست آب اندر ابر و دریا فطرتیست
The water in the spout is borrowed; the water in the cloud and in the sea is original.
فکر و اندیشه‌ست مثل ناودان وحی و مکشوفست ابر و آسمان
Your thought and cogitation resemble the spout; inspiration and revelation are (like) the cloud and the sky.
آب باران باغ صد رنگ آورد ناودان همسایه در جنگ آورد
The rain-water produces a many-coloured garden; the spout causes your neighbour to quarrel (with you).
خر دو سه حمله به روبه بحث کرد چون مقلد بد فریب او بخورد
The ass disputed twice or thrice with the fox, (but) since he was (only) an imitator he was beguiled by him.
طنطنه‌ی ادراک بینایی نداشت دمدمه‌ی روبه برو سکته گماشت
He had not the glorious power of perception possessed by a (true) seer: the fox’s palaver brought upon him (a stroke of) apoplexy.
حرص خوردن آنچنان کردش ذلیل که زبونش گشت با پانصد دلیل
Greedy desire to eat and drink made him so despicable that he submitted to him (the fox) notwithstanding five hundred arguments (to the contrary).




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