How the Arab carried a jug of rain-water

How the Arab carried a jug of rain-water from the midst of the desert as a gift to the Commander of the Faithful at Baghdád, in the belief that in that town also there was a scarcity of water هدیه بردن عرب سبوی آب باران از میان بادیه سوی بغداد به نزد خلیفه بر پنداشت آن که آن جا هم قحط آب است‌‌

گفت زن صدق آن بود کز بود خویش
پاک برخیزی تو از مجهود خویش‌‌
The wife said, “When with all thy might thou dost (endeavour to) rise up entirely purged of self-existence—that is veracity.
آب باران است ما را در سبو
ملکت و سرمایه و اسباب تو
We have the rain-water in the jug: ’tis thy property and capital and means.
این سبوی آب را بردار و رو
هدیه ساز و پیش شاهنشاه شو
Take this jug of water and depart, make it a gift and go into the presence of the King of kings.
گو که ما را غیر این اسباب نیست
در مفازه هیچ به زین آب نیست‌‌
Say, ‘We have no means except this: in the desert there is nothing better than this water.’
گر خزینه‌‌ش پر متاع فاخر است
این چنین آبش نباشد نادر است‌‌
If his treasury is full of splendid merchandise, (yet) he will have no water like this: ’tis rare.”
چیست آن کوزه تن محصور ما
اندر او آب حواس شور ما
What is that jug? Our confined body: within it is the briny water of our senses.
ای خداوند این خم و کوزه‌‌ی مرا
در پذیر از فضل الله اشتری‌‌
O Lord, accept this jar and jug of mine by the grace of “God hath purchased (from the believers their lives and wealth in return for Paradise).”
کوزه‌‌ای با پنج لوله‌‌ی پنج حس
پاک دار این آب را از هر نجس‌‌
(’Tis) a jug with five spouts, the five senses: keep this water pure (and safe) from every filth,
تا شود زین کوزه منفذ سوی بحر
تا بگیرد کوزه‌‌ی من خوی بحر
That there may be from this jug a passage to the sea, and that my jug may assume the nature of the sea,
تا چو هدیه پیش سلطانش بری
پاک بیند باشدش شه مشتری‌‌
So that when you carry it as a gift to the King, the King may find it pure and be its purchaser;
بی‌‌نهایت گردد آبش بعد از آن
پر شود از کوزه‌‌ی من صد جهان‌‌
(And) after that, its water will become without end: a hundred worlds will be filled from my jug.
لوله‌‌ها بر بند و پر دارش ز خم
گفت غضوا عن هوا ابصارکم‌‌
Stop up its spouts and keep it filled (with water) from the jar (of Reality): God said, “Close your eyes to vain desire.”
ریش او پر باد کاین هدیه کراست
لایق چون او شهی این است راست‌‌
His (the husband’s) beard was full of wind (he was puffed up with pride): “Who (thought he) has such a gift as this? This, truly, is worthy of a King like him.”
زن نمی‌‌دانست کانجا بر گذر
هست جاری دجله‌‌ی همچون شکر
The wife did not know that in that place (Baghdád) on the thoroughfare there is running the Tigris (whose water is) sweet as sugar,
در میان شهر چون دریا روان
پر ز کشتیها و شست ماهیان‌‌
Flowing like a sea through the city, full of boats and fishing-nets.
رو بر سلطان و کار و بار بین
حس تجری تحتها الأنهار بین‌‌
Go to the Sultan and behold this pomp and state! Behold the senses of (those for whom God hath prepared gardens) beneath which the rivers flow!
این چنین حسها و ادراکات ما
قطره‌‌ای باشد در آن نهر صفا
Our senses and perceptions, such as they are, are (but) a single drop in that pure river.




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