How the lover begged to be excused

How the lover begged to be excused

How the lover begged to be excused for his sin, (but) with duplicity and dissimulation; and how the beloved perceived that also. عذر خواستن آن عاشق از گناه خویش به تلبیس و روی پوش و فهم کردن معشوق آن را نیز

گفت عاشق امتحان کردم مگیر
تا ببینم تو حریفی یا ستیر
The lover said, “I made the trial do not take offence that I might see whether thou art a hetaera or a modest woman. [The lover said, “I made the trial do not take offence that I might see whether thou art a courtesan or a modest woman.]
من همی دانستمت بی‌امتحان
لیک کی باشد خبر هم‌چون عیان
I was knowing (it) without the trial, but how should hearing be the same as seeing?
آفتابی نام تو مشهور و فاش
چه زیانست ار بکردم ابتلاش
Thou art (like) the sun: thy name is renowned and known to all: what harm is there if I have tested it?
تو منی من خویشتن را امتحان
می‌کنم هر روز در سود و زیان
Thou art I: every day I am making trial of myself in profit and loss (good and evil).
انبیا را امتحان کرده عدات
تا شده ظاهر ازیشان معجزات
The prophets were put to the trial by their enemies, with the result that miracles were displayed by them.
امتحان چشم خود کردم به نور
ای که چشم بد ز چشمان تو دور
I made trial of my own eye with light, O thou from whose eyes may the evil eye be far!
این جهان هم‌چون خرابست و تو گنج
گر تفحص کردم از گنجت مرنج
This world is as the ruin, and thou the treasure (buried there): if I have made investigation concerning thy treasure, be not aggrieved.
زان چنین بی‌خردگی کردم گزاف
تا زنم با دشمنان هر بار لاف
I recklessly committed such an indiscretion, that I may always boast (of thy virtue) to (thy) enemies;
تا زبانم چون ترا نامی نهد
چشم ازین دیده گواهیها دهد
So that, when my tongue bestows a name on thee, my eye may give testimonies of this which I have seen.
گر شدم در راه حرمت راه‌زن
آمدم ای مه به شمشیر و کفن
If I have sought to rob thee of thy honour I come, O Moon (of beauty), with sword and winding-sheet.
جز به دست خود مبرم پا و سر
که ازین دستم نه از دست دگر
Do not cut off my feet and head save with thine own hand, for I belong to this hand, not to another hand.
از جدایی باز می‌رانی سخن
هر چه خواهی کن ولیکن این مکن
Thou art talking again of separation: do whatsoever thou wilt, but do not this!”
در سخن آباد این دم راه شد
گفت امکان نیست چون بیگاه شد
The way is now made (open for entering) into the realm of Discourse (Exposition); (but) ‘tis impossible to speak (on the subject), since there is no time (to do so at present).
پوستها گفتیم و مغز آمد دفین
گر بمانیم این نماند همچنین
We have told the husks (externals), but the kernel (the inner meaning) is buried; if we remain (alive), this will not remain (concealed) as it is now.




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