How the explanation of the (inner) meaning

How the explanation of the (inner) meaning of the tale was stopped because of the hearer’s desire to hear the superficial form of it. بسته شدن تقریر معنی حکایت به سبب میل مستمع به استماع ظاهر صورت حکایت

کی گذارد آن که رشک روشنی است
تا بگویم آن چه فرض و گفتنی است‏
When will He who is envied by Light allow me to tell that which is obligatory and ought to be told?
بحر کف پیش آرد و سدی کند
جر کند و ز بعد جر مدی کند
The sea casts foam in front (of it) and makes a barrier: it draws back and after drawing back flows in (again).
این زمان بشنو چه مانع شد مگر
مستمع را رفت دل جای دگر
Hear what has interfered (hindered my exposition) at the present time: methinks the hearer’s mind has wandered elsewhere.
خاطرش شد سوی صوفی قنق
اندر آن سودا فرو شد تا عنق‏
His thoughts have turned to the Súfí guest: he is sunk up to the neck (wholly absorbed) in that business.
لازم آمد باز رفتن زین مقال
سوی آن افسانه بهر وصف حال‏
(Therefore) it behoves me to go back from this discourse to that story in order to describe what happened (to him).
صوفی آن صورت مپندار ای عزیز
همچو طفلان تا کی از جوز و مویز
O dear friend, do not fancy the Súfí is the (external) form (which you behold): how long, like children, (will you be content) with walnuts and raisins?
جسم ما جوز و مویز است ای پسر
گر تو مردی زین دو چیز اندر گذر
Our body is (as) walnuts and raisins, O son; if you are a man, relinquish these two things;
ور تو اندر نگذری اکرام حق
بگذراند مر ترا از نه طبق‏
And (even) if you do not relinquish them (by your own act), the grace of God will enable you to pass beyond the nine tiers (of Heaven).
بشنو اکنون صورت افسانه را
لیک هین از که جدا کن دانه را
Now listen to the outward form of the tale, but take heed to separate the grain from the chaff.




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