The remainder of the story of Ibráhím

The remainder of the story of Ibráhím son of Adham, may God sanctify his spirit. باقی قصه‌ی ابراهیم ادهم قدس‌الله سره

بر سر تختی شنید آن نیک‌نام
طقطقی و های و هویی شب ز بام
(Reclining) on a throne, that man of good name heard at night a noise of tramping and shrill cries from the roof.
گامهای تند بر بام سرا
گفت با خود این چنین زهره کرا
(He heard) loud footsteps on the roof of the palace, and said to himself, “Who dares to do this?”
بانگ زد بر روزن قصر او که کیست
این نباشد آدمی مانا پریست
He shouted, at the palace-window, “Who is it? This is not a man, belike it is a genie.
سر فرو کردند قومی بوالعجب
ما همی گردیم شب بهر طلب
A wondrous folk put their heads down (from the roof), (saying), “We are going round by night for the purpose of search.”
هین چه می‌جویید گفتند اشتران
گفت اشتر بام بر کی جست هان
“Eh, what are ye seeking?” “Camels,” they replied. He said, “Take heed! who ever sought camel on a roof?”
پس بگفتندش که تو بر تخت جاه
چون همی جویی ملاقات اله
Then they said to him, “How art thou seeking to meet with God on the throne of state?” 
خود همان بد دیگر او را کس ندید
چون پری از آدمی شد ناپدید
That was all. None saw him again: he vanished like a genie from (the sight of) man.
معنی‌اش پنهان و او در پیش خلق
خلق کی بینند غیر ریش و دلق
His reality (real self) was hidden, though he was in people’s presence: how should the people see aught but beard and frock (of the dervish)?
چون ز چشم خویش و خلقان دور شد
هم‌چو عنقا در جهان مشهور شد
When he became far (disappeared) from his own and the people’s eyes, he became renowned in the world, like the ‘Anqá.
جان هر مرغی که آمد سوی قاف
جمله‌ی عالم ازو لافند لاف
Whenever the soul of any (spiritual) bird has come to (Mount) Qáf, all the world boast and brag on account of it.
چون رسید اندر سبا این نور شرق
غلغلی افتاد در بلقیس و خلق
When this orient light (from Solomon) reached Sabá, a tumult arose in Bilqís and her people.
روحهای مرده جمله پر زدند
مردگان از گور تن سر بر زدند
All the dead spirits took wing: the dead put forth their heads from the grave, (which is) the body.
یک دگر را مژده می‌دادند هان
نک ندایی می‌رسد از آسمان
They gave the good news to one another, saying, “Hark! Lo, a voice is coming from Heaven.” 
زان ندا دینها همی‌گردند گبز
شاخ و برگ دل همی گردند سبز
At (the sound of) that voice (men’s) religions wax great; the leaves and boughs of the heart become green.
از سلیمان آن نفس چون نفخ صور
مردگان را وا رهانید از قبور
Like the blast of the trumpet (on Judgement-Day) that breath from Solomon delivered the dead from the tombs.
مر ترا بادا سعادت بعد ازین
این گذشت الله اعلم بالیقین
May (such) felicity be thine after this (epoch of Solomon)! This (epoch) is past. God best knoweth the certain truth.




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