How the fault-finders

How the fault-finders repeated their advice to the guest of the guest-killing mosque.مکرر کردن عاذلان پند را بر آن مهمان آن مسجد مهمان کش

گفت پیغامبر که ان فی البیان سحرا و حق گفت آن خوش پهلوان
The Prophet said, “Verily, there is a magic in eloquence”; and that goodly hero spake the truth.
هین مکن جلدی برو ای بوالکرم مسجد و ما را مکن زین متهم
“Hey, do not commit a foolhardy act, (but) depart, O generous man, and do not make the mosque and us suspected on this account;
که بگوید دشمنی از دشمنی آتشی در ما زند فردا دنی
For an enemy will speak form enmity, and to-morrow the villain will rouse a fire (of suspicion) against us,
که بتاسانید او را ظالمی بر بهانه‌ی مسجد او بد سالمی
Saying, ‘Some wicked man strangled him, (knowing that) on the pretext of the mosque he was safe (from suspicion),
تا بهانه‌ی قتل بر مسجد نهد چونک بدنامست مسجد او جهد
So that he might impute the murder to the mosque and, since the mosque has a bad name, might escape.’
تهمتی بر ما منه ای سخت‌جان که نه‌ایم آمن ز مکر دشمنان
Do not lay any suspicion upon us, O man of valiant spirit, for we are not secure from the craft of (our) enemies.
هین برو جلدی مکن سودا مپز که نتان پیمود کیوان را بگز
Come now, depart! Do not be foolhardy, do not cherish vain desire, for it is impossible to measure (the planet) Saturn by the ell.
چون تو بسیاران بلافیده ز بخت ریش خود بر کنده یک یک لخت لخت
Many like thee have prated of (their) luck, (and in the end) they have torn out their beards, one by one, piecemeal.
هین برو کوتاه کن این قیل و قال خویش و ما را در میفکن در وبال
Hey, begone ! Cut short this palaver! Do not cast thyself and us into woe!”




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