How the fox answered the ass

How the fox answered the ass. جواب گفتن روبه خر را

گفت روبه آن توکل نادرست کم کسی اندر توکل ماهرست
The fox replied, “Such trust in God is exceptional: few are proficient in (the practice of) trust in God.
گرد نادر گشتن از نادانی است هر کسی را کی ره سلطانی است
Tis (a mark of) ignorance to concern one’s self with the exceptional: how is the way to (spiritual) sovereignty (possible) for every one?
چون قناعت را پیمبر گنج گفت هر کسی را کی رسد گنج نهفت
Since the Prophet hath said that contentment is a treasure, how should the hidden treasure be gained by every one?
حد خود بشناس و بر بالا مپر تا نیفتی در نشیب شور و شر
Recognise your (proper) limit and do not fly aloft, lest you fall into the abyss of woe and bane.”




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