How the Shaykh knew the unspoken

How the Shaykh knew the unspoken thoughts of those who begged of him and the sums owed by the debtors without their telling him, which is a sign of (his being endowed with Divine attributes, in accordance with the command), “Go forth with My attributes unto My creatures.” دانستن شیخ ضمیر سایل را بی گفتن و دانستن قدر وام وام‌داران بی گفتن کی نشان آن باشد کی اخرج به صفاتی الی خلقی

حاجت خود گر نگفتی آن فقیر او بدادی و بدانستی ضمیر
If a dervish said nothing about his need, he (the Shaykh) would give (what he required) and would know his secret thought;
آنچ در دل داشتی آن پشت‌خم قدر آن دادی بدو نه بیش و کم
He would give that bent-backed one the amount that he had in mind, neither more nor less.
پس بگفتندی چه دانستی که او این قدر اندیشه دارد ای عمو
Then they would ask, “How didst thou know, uncle, that he was thinking of this amount?”
او بگفتی خانه‌ی دل خلوتست خالی از کدیه مثال جنتست
He would reply: “My heart’s house is empty: it is void of beggary, like Paradise.
اندرو جز عشق یزدان کار نیست جز خیال وصل او دیار نیست
There is no work (being done) in it except love of God: there is no inhabitant except the idea of union with Him.
خانه را من روفتم از نیک و بد خانه‌ام پرست از عشق احد
I have swept the house clean of good and evil: my house is filled with love of the One.
هرچه بینم اندرو غیر خدا آن من نبود بود عکس گدا
When I see in it anything other than God, (I know that) it (the thing seen) is not mine but is reflected from the beggar (who is with me at the moment).”
گر در آبی نخل یا عرجون نمود جز ز عکس نخله‌ی بیرون نبود
If a date-palm or a raceme of dates has appeared in a piece of water, it is only the reflexion from the tree outside.
در تگ آب ار ببینی صورتی عکس بیرون باشد آن نقش ای فتی
If you see a form (of something) at the bottom of the water, that image is reflected from outside, O youth;
لیک تا آب از قذی خالی شدن تنقیه شرطست در جوی بدن
But it is necessary to cleanse the canal, (which is) the body, until the water is cleared of scum,
تا نماند تیرگی و خس درو تا امین گردد نماید عکس رو
In order that no obscurity and rubbish may remain therein and that it may become trustworthy and that the reflexion of the (inward) aspect (of everything) may appear (in it).
جز گلابه در تنت کو ای مقل آب صافی کن ز گل ای خصم دل
Where in your body is aught but muddy water, O you who are (spiritually) destitute? Make the water pure (and free) from mud, O enemy of the heart.
تو بر آنی هر دمی کز خواب و خور خاک ریزی اندرین جو بیشتر
By (indulgence in) sleeping and eating and drinking you are ever intent on pouring into this canal more (and more) earth.




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