How the hare withheld the secret from them

How the hare withheld the secret from them منع کردن خرگوش راز را از ایشان‌‌

گفت هر رازی نشاید باز گفت
جفت طاق آید گهی گه طاق جفت‌‌
He said, “One ought not to say forth every secret: sometimes the even number turns out to be odd, and sometimes the odd number to be even.”
از صفا گر دم زنی با آینه
تیره گردد زود با ما آینه‌‌
If you breathe into a mirror words (in praise) of its purity, the mirror soon becomes dim to us.
در بیان این سه کم جنبان لبت
از ذهاب و از ذهب وز مذهبت‌‌
Do not move your lip in explanation of these three things, (namely) concerning your departure and your gold and your religion;
کین سه را خصم است بسیار و عدو
در کمینت ایستد چون داند او
For to these three there is many an adversary and foe standing in wait for you when he knows (about any of them).
ور بگویی با یکی دو الوداع
کل سر جاوز الاثنین شاع‌‌
And if you tell (only) one or two (a few people), farewell (to your secret): every secret that goes beyond the twain (who share it) is published abroad.
گر دو سه پرنده را بندی به هم
بر زمین مانند محبوس از الم‌‌
If you tie two or three birds together, they will remain on the ground, imprisoned by grief;
مشورت دارند سرپوشیده خوب
در کنایت با غلط افکن مشوب‌‌
(But in truth) they hold a consultation well-disguised and mingled, in its (apparent) significance, with that which casts error (into the mind of any one who observes them).
مشورت کردی پیمبر بسته سر
گفته ایشانش جواب و بی‌‌خبر
(Similarly) the Prophet used to take counsel, (speaking) cryptically, and they (his companions) would answer him and (would be) without knowledge (of his real meaning).
در مثالی بسته گفتی رای را
تا نداند خصم از سر پای را
He would speak his opinion in a covert parable, in order that the adversary might not know foot from head.
او جواب خویش بگرفتی از او
وز سؤالش می‌‌نبردی غیر بو
He (the Prophet) would receive his answer from him (the adversary), while the other would not catch the smell (drift) of his question.




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