How the heavenly voice spoke to ‘Umar

How the heavenly voice spoke to ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, while he was asleep, saying, “Give a certain sum of gold from the public treasury to the man who is sleeping in the graveyard” در خواب گفتن هاتف مر عمر را که چندین زر از بیت المال به آن مرده ده که در گورستان خفته است‌‌

  آن زمان حق بر عمر خوابی گماشت

تا که خویش از خواب نتوانست داشت‌‌

   Then God sent such a drowsiness upon ‘Umar that he was unable to keep himself from slumber.

 در عجب افتاد کاین معهود نیست

این ز غیب افتاد بی‌‌مقصود نیست‌‌

   He fell into amazement saying, “This is (a thing) unknown. This has fallen from the Unseen, ’tis not without purpose.”

 سر نهاد و خواب بردش خواب دید

کامدش از حق ندا جانش شنید

   He laid his head down, and slumber overtook him. He dreamed that a voice came to him from God: his spirit heard

 آن ندایی کاصل هر بانگ و نواست

خود ندا آن است و این باقی صداست‌‌

That voice which is the origin of every cry and sound: that indeed is the (only) voice, and the rest are echoes.

ترک و کرد و پارسی گو و عرب

فهم کرده آن ندا بی‌‌گوش و لب‌‌

Turcoman and Kurd and Persian-speaking man and Arab have understood that voice without (help of) ear or lip.

 خود چه جای ترک و تاجیک است و زنگ

فهم کرده ست آن ندا را چوب و سنگ‌‌

Ay, (but) what of Turcomans, Persians, and Ethiopians? (Even) wood and stone have understood that voice.

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