How the infidels repeated the Necessitarian arguments

How the infidels repeated the Necessitarian arguments. مکرر کردن کافران حجتهای جبریانه را

قوم گفتند ای گروه این رنج ما نیست زان رنجی که بپذیرد دوا
The people said, “O company (of prophets), this malady of ours is not one of those that admit of cure.
سالها گفتید زین افسون و پند سخت‌تر می‌گشت زان هر لحظه بند
For years ye uttered spells and admonitions of this kind, and by them our bondage was made sorer every moment.
گر دوا را این مرض قابل بدی آخر از وی ذره‌ای زایل شدی
If this disease were susceptible of cure, some particle of it would at last have been removed.
سده چون شد آب ناید در جگر گر خورد دریا رود جایی دگر
When hepatitis occurs, water does not enter the liver: if he (the patient) should drink up the (whole) sea, it (the water) would go somewhere else;
لاجرم آماس گیرد دست و پا تشنگی را نشکند آن استقا
Consequently the hands and feet become swollen: that water-drinking does not defeat the thirst.”




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