The answer of the prophets

The answer of the prophets, on whom be peace, to the Necessitarians. جواب انبیا علیهم السلام مر جبریان را

انبیا گفتند کاری آفرید وصفهایی که نتان زان سر کشید
The prophets said, “Yes: He hath created some qualities from which it is impossible to withdraw one’s self,
و آفرید او وصفهای عارضی که کسی مبغوض می‌گردد رضی
And He hath (also) created qualities (which are only) accidental, so that a hated person becomes acceptable.
سنگ را گویی که زر شو بیهده‌ست مس را گویی که زر شو راه هست
If you bid a stone become gold, ’tis futile; (but) if you bid copper become gold, the way (of transmuting it) exists.
ریگ را گویی که گل شو عاجزست خاک را گویی که گل شو جایزست
If you bid sand become clay, it is incapable (of doing so); (but) if you bid earth become clay, that is possible.
رنجها دادست کان را چاره نیست آن بمثل لنگی و فطس و عمیست
He hath given (ordained to us) maladies for which there is no remedy, such as lameness, flatness of the nose, and blindness;
رنجها دادست کان را چاره هست آن بمثل لقوه و درد سرست
He hath given maladies for which there is a remedy, such as facial paralysis and headache.
این دواها ساخت بهر ایتلاف نیست این درد و دواها از گزاف
These medicines He hath made for the sake of (restoring) harmony: these maladies and medicines are not in vain.
بلک اغلب رنجها را چاره هست چون بجد جویی بیاید آن بدست
Nay, most maladies have a cure: when you seek in earnest, it will come to hand.”




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