How the king despaired of finding

How the king despaired of finding the treasure and became weary of searching for it. نومید شدن آن پادشاه از یافتن آن گنج و ملول شدن او از طلب آن

چونک تعویق آمد اندر عرض و طول شاه شد زان گنج دل سیر و ملول
When he met with obstacles (to success) in (all) the breadth and length (of his enterprise), the king became sick at heart and weary.
دشتها را گز گز آن شه چاه کند رقعه را از خشم پیش او فکند
(After) the king (had) dug pits in the deserts, yard by yard, he threw the scroll wrathfully before him (the fakir).
گفت گیر این رقعه کش آثار نیست تو بدین اولیتری کت کار نیست
“Take this scroll,” said he, “which has no (good) effects; you are the fittest (owner) for it, since you have no work.
نیست این کار کسی کش هست کار که بسوزد گل بگردد گرد خار
It is no use for one who has work (to do) that he should burn the rose and go about (busy himself with) the thorn.
نادر افتد اهل این ماخولیا منتظر که روید از آهن گیا
’Tis singular (how) the victims of this melancholy madness expect grass to grow from iron.
سخت جانی باید این فن را چو تو تو که داری جان سخت این را بجو
This specialty needs a man of stout heart like you: do you, who have a stout heart, search for this (treasure).
گر نیابی نبودت هرگز ملال ور بیابی آن به تو کردم حلال
If you cannot find it, you will never weary (of seeking); and if you find it, I grant you the right of possession.”
عقل راه ناامیدی کی رود عشق باشد کان طرف بر سر دود
How should Reason wend the way of despair? ’Tis Love that runs on its head in that direction. 
لاابالی عشق باشد نی خرد عقل آن جوید کز آن سودی برد
Love is reckless, not Reason: Reason seeks that from which it may get some profit.
ترک‌تاز و تن‌گداز و بی‌حیا در بلا چون سنگ زیر آسیا
(The lover is) fierce in onset and body-consuming and unabashed: in tribulation, like the nether millstone;
سخت‌رویی که ندارد هیچ پشت بهره‌جویی را درون خویش کشت
A hard-faced one that has no back: he has killed in himself the seeking of self-interest.
پاک می‌بازد نباشد مزدجو آنچنان که پاک می‌گیرد ز هو
He gambles (everything) clean away, he seeks no reward, even as he receives (everything) clean (as a free gift) from Him (God).
می‌دهد حق هستیش بی‌علتی می‌سپارد باز بی‌علت فتی
God gives him his existence without any cause: the devoted (lover) yields it up again without cause;
که فتوت دادن بی علتست پاک‌بازی خارج هر ملتست
For devotion consists in giving without cause: gambling (one’s self) clean away (pure self-sacrifice) is outside of (transcends) every religion.
زانک ملت فضل جوید یا خلاص پاک بازانند قربانان خاص
Forasmuch as religion seeks (Divine) grace or salvation, those who gamble (everything) clean away are (God’s) chosen favourites.
نی خدا را امتحانی می‌کنند نی در سود و زیانی می‌زنند
Neither do they put God to any test, nor do they knock at the door of any profit or loss.




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