How the lion made trial

How the lion made trial of the wolf and said, “Come forward, O wolf, and divide the prey amongst us.” امتحان کردن شیر گرگ را و گفتن که پیش آی ای گرگ بخش کن صیدها را میان ما

گفت شیر ای گرگ این را بخش کن
معدلت را نو کن ای گرگ کهن‌‌
The lion said, “O wolf, divide this (prey): O old wolf, make justice new (give it new life by thy example).
نایب من باش در قسمت‌‌گری
تا پدید آید که تو چه گوهری‌‌
Be my deputy in the office of distributor, that it may be seen of what substance thou art.”
گفت ای شه گاو وحشی بخش تست
آن بزرگ و تو بزرگ و زفت و چست‌‌
“O King,” said he, “the wild ox is thy share: he is big, and thou art big and strong and active.
بز مرا که بز میانه ست و وسط
روبها خرگوش بستان بی‌‌غلط
The goat is mine, for the goat is middle and intermediate; do thou, O fox, receive the hare, and no mistake!”
شیر گفت ای گرگ چون گفتی بگو
چون که من باشم تو گویی ما و تو
The lion said, “O wolf, how hast thou spoken? Say! When I am here, dost thou speak of ‘I’ and ‘thou’?
گرگ خود چه سگ بود کاو خویش دید
پیش چون من شیر بی‌‌مثل و ندید
Truly, what a cur the wolf must be, that he regarded himself in the presence of a lion like me who am peerless and unrivalled!”
گفت پیش آ ای خری کاو خود بدید
پیشش آمد پنجه زد او را درید
(Then) he said, “Come forward, O thou self-esteeming ass!” He approached him, the lion seized him with his claws and rent him.
چون ندیدش مغز و تدبیر رشید
در سیاست پوستش از سر کشید
Inasmuch as he (the lion) did not see in him the kernel (real understanding) and right consideration of right conduct, he tore the skin off his head as a punishment.
گفت چون دید منت از خود نبرد
این چنین جان را بباید زار مرد
He said, “Since the sight of me did not transport thee out of thyself, a spirit like this (thine) must needs die miserably.
چون نبودی فانی اندر پیش من
فضل آمد مر ترا گردن زدن‌‌
Since thou wert not passing away (from thyself) in my presence, ’twas an act of grace to smite thy neck (behead thee).”
کل شی‌‌ء هالک جز وجه او
چون نه‌‌ای در وجه او هستی مجو
Everything is perishing except His face: unless thou art in His face (essence), do not seek to exist.
هر که اندر وجه ما باشد فنا
کل شيء هالک نبود جزا
When any one has passed away (from himself) in my face (essence), (the words) everything is perishing are not applicable (to him),
ز آن که در الاست او از لا گذشت
هر که در الاست او فانی نگشت‌‌
Because he is in except, he has transcended not (nonentity): whosoever is in except has not passed away (perished).
هر که بر در او من و ما می‌‌زند
رد باب است او و بر لا می‌‌تند
Whosoever is uttering ‘I’ and ‘we’ at the door (of the Divine Court), he is turned back from the door and is continuing in not (nonentity).




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