Story of the person

Story of the person

Story of the person who in the time of David, on whom be peace, used to pray night and day, crying, “Give me a lawful livelihood without trouble (on my part).” حکایت آن شخص کی در عهد داود شب و روز دعا می‌کرد کی مرا روزی حلال ده بی رنج

آن یکی در عهد داوود نبی نزد هر دانا و پیش هر غبی
In the time of the prophet David a certain man, beside every sage and before every simpleton,
این دعا می‌کرد دایم کای خدا ثروتی بی رنج روزی کن مرا
Used always to utter this prayer: “O God, bestow on me riches without trouble!
چون مرا تو آفریدی کاهلی زخم‌خواری سست‌جنبی منبلی
Since Thou hast created me a lazybones, a receiver of blows, a slow mover, a sluggard,
بر خران پشت‌ریش بی‌مراد بار اسپان و استران نتوان نهاد
One cannot place on sore-backed luckless asses the load carried by horses and mules.
کاهلم چون آفریدی ای ملی روزیم ده هم ز راه کاهلی
Inasmuch as Thou, O perfect One, hast created me lazy, do Thou accordingly give me the daily bread by the way of laziness.
کاهلم من سایه‌ی خسپم در وجود خفتم اندر سایه‌ی این فضل و جود
I am lazy and sleeping in the shade in (the world of) existence: I sleep in the shade of this Bounty and Munificence.
کاهلان و سایه‌خسپان را مگر روزیی بنوشته‌ای نوعی دگر
Surely for them that are lazy and sleeping in the shade Thou hast prescribed a livelihood in another fashion.
هر که را پایست جوید روزیی هر که را پا نیست کن دلسوزیی
Every one that has a foot (power to move) seeks a livelihood: do Thou show some pity towards every one that has no foot.
رزق را می‌ران به سوی آن حزین ابر را باران به سوی هر زمین
Send the daily bread to that sorrowful one: cause the cloud to rain in the direction of every land.
چون زمین را پا نباشد جود تو ابر را راند به سوی او دوتو
Since the land has no foot, Thy munificence drives the clouds doubly towards it.
طفل را چون پا نباشد مادرش آید و ریزد وظیفه بر سرش
Since the babe has no foot (means of seeking nutriment), its mother comes and pours the ration (of milk) upon it.
روزیی خواهم بناگه بی تعب که ندارم من ز کوشش جز طلب
I crave a daily portion (that is bestowed) suddenly without fatigue (on my part), for I have naught of endeavour except the seeking.”
مدت بسیار می‌کرد این دعا روز تا شب شب همه شب تا ضحی
Thus was he praying for a long time, (all) day until night and all night until morning.
خلق می‌خندید بر گفتار او بر طمع‌خامی و بر بیگار او
The people were laughing at his words, at the folly of his hope, and at his contention,
که چه می‌گوید عجب این سست‌ریش یا کسی دادست بنگ بیهشیش
Saying, “Marvellous! What is he saying this idiot? Or has some one given him beng (that is the cause) of senselessness?
راه روزی کسب و رنجست و تعب هر کسی را پیشه‌ای داد و طلب
The way of (getting) daily bread is work and trouble and fatigue; He (God) hath given every one a handicraft and (the capacity for) seeking (a livelihood):
اطلبوا الارزاق فی اسبابها ادخلو الاوطان من ابوابها
‘Seek ye your daily portions in the means thereof: enter your dwellings by their doors.’
شاه و سلطان و رسول حق کنون هست داود نبی ذو فنون
At present the King and ruler and messenger of God is the prophet David, one endowed with many accomplishments.
با چنان عزی و نازی کاندروست که گزیدستش عنایتهای دوست
Notwithstanding such glory and pride as is in him, forasmuch as the favours of the Friend have chosen him out.
معجزاتش بی شمار و بی عدد موج بخشایش مدد اندر مدد
His miracles are countless and innumerable, the waves of his bounty are tide upon tide:
هیچ کس را خود ز آدم تا کنون کی بدست آواز صد چون ارغنون
When has any one, even from Adam till now, had a hundred (melodious) voices like an organ,
که بهر وعظی بمیراند دویست آدمی را صوت خوبش کرد نیست
Which at every preaching causes (people) to die? His beautiful voice made two hundred human beings non-existent.
شیر و آهو جمع گردد آن زمان سوی تذکیرش مغفل این از آن
At that time the lion and the deer unite (in turning) towards his exhortation, the one oblivious of the other;
کوه و مرغان هم‌رسایل با دمش هردو اندر وقت دعوت محرمش
The mountains and the birds are accompanying his breath (voice), both are his confidants in the hour of his calling (unto God);
این و صد چندین مرورا معجزات نور رویش بی جهان و در جهات
These and a hundred times as many miracles are (vouchsafed) to him; the light of his countenance is (both) transcendent and immanent.
با همه تمکین خدا روزی او کرده باشد بسته اندر جست و جو
Notwithstanding all (this) majesty, God must have made his livelihood to be bound up with seeking and endeavour.
بی زره‌بافی و رنجی روزیش می‌نیاید با همه پیروزیش
Without weaving coats of mail and (without) some trouble (on his part), his livelihood is not coming (to him), notwithstanding all his victoriousness.
این چنین مخذول واپس مانده‌ای خانه کنده دون و گردون‌رانده‌ای
(Yet) a God-forsaken abandoned one like this, a low scoundrel and outcast from Heaven,
این چنین مدبر همی خواهد که زود بی تجارت پر کند دامن ز سود
A backslider of this sort, desires, without trading, at once to fill his skirt (pocket) with gain!
این چنین گیجی بیامد در میان که بر آیم بر فلک بی نردبان
Such a crazy fellow has come forward, saying, ‘I will climb up to the sky without a ladder.’”
این همی‌گفتش بتسخر رو بگیر که رسیدت روزی و آمد بشیر
This one would say to him derisively, “Go and receive (it), for your daily portion has arrived and the messenger has come with the good news”;
و آن همی خندید ما را هم بده زانچ یابی هدیه‌ای سالار ده
And that one would laugh, (saying), “Give us too (a share) of what you get as a gift, O headman of the village.”
او ازین تشنیع مردم وین فسوس کم نمی‌کرد از دعا و چاپلوس
(But) he was not diminishing his prayers and wheedling entreaties because of this abuse and ridicule from the people,
تا که شد در شهر معروف و شهیر کو ز انبان تهی جوید پنیر
So that he became well-known and celebrated in the town as one who seeks (to obtain) cheese from an empty wallet.
شد مثل در خام‌طبعی آن گدا او ازین خواهش نمی‌آمد جدا
That beggar became a proverb for foolishness, (but) he would not desist from this petitioning.




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