Commentary on the saying of Farídu’ddín

Commentary on the saying of Farídu’ddín ‘Attár, -may God sanctify his spirit- “Thou art a sensualist: O heedless one, drink blood (mortify thyself) amidst the dust (of thy bodily existence), For if the spiritualist drink a poison, it will be (to him as) an antidote تفسیر قول فرید الدین عطار قدس الله روحه

صاحب دل را ندارد آن زیان
گر خورد او زهر قاتل را عیان‌‌
It does not harm the spiritualist (saint) though he drink deadly poison for all to see,
ز آن که صحت یافت و از پرهیز رست
طالب مسکین میان تب در است‌‌
Because he has attained to (spiritual) health and has been set free from (the need for) abstinence, (while) the poor seeker (of God) is (still) in the (state of) fever.
گفت پیغمبر که ای مرد جری
هان مکن با هیچ مطلوبی مری‌‌
The Prophet said, “O seeker of an allowance (for food, etc.), beware! Do not contend with any one who is sought.”
در تو نمرودی است آتش در مرو
رفت خواهی اول ابراهیم شو
In thee is a Nimrod: do not go into the fire. If thou wish to go in, first become Abraham!
چون نه‌‌ای سباح و نه دریاییی
در میفکن خویش از خود راییی‌‌
When thou art neither a swimmer nor a seaman, do not cast thyself (into the sea) from a (feeling of) self-conceit.
او ز آتش ورد احمر آورد
از زیانها سود بر سر آورد
He (the saint) brings red roses from the fire, from losses he brings gain to the surface.
کاملی گر خاک گیرد زر شود
ناقص ار زر برد خاکستر شود
If a perfect man (saint) take earth, it becomes gold; if an imperfect one has carried away gold, it becomes ashes.
چون قبول حق بود آن مرد راست
دست او در کارها دست خداست‌‌
Since that righteous man is accepted of God, his hand in (all) things is the hand of God.
دست ناقص دست شیطان است و دیو
ز آن که اندر دام تکلیف است و ریو
The hand of the imperfect man is the hand of Devil and demon, because he is in the trap of imposition and guile.
جهل آید پیش او دانش شود
جهل شد علمی که در ناقص رود
If ignorance come to him (the perfect man), it becomes knowledge, (but) the knowledge that goes into the disbelieving man becomes ignorance.
هر چه گیرد علتی علت شود
کفر گیرد کاملی ملت شود
Whatever an ill man takes becomes illness, (but) if a perfect man takes infidelity, it becomes religion.
ای مری کرده پیاده با سوار
سر نخواهی برد اکنون پای دار
O thou who, being on foot, hast contended with a horseman, thou wilt not save thy head. Now hold thy foot (desist)!




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