How the lion punished the wolf

How the lion punished the wolf who had shown disrespect in dividing (the prey) ادب کردن شیر گرگ را که در قسمت بی‌‌ادبی کرده بود

گرگ را بر کند سر آن سر فراز
تا نماند دو سری‌‌و امتیاز
That haughty one tore off the head of the wolf, in order that two-headedness (dualism) and distinction might not remain (in being).
فانتقمنا منهم است ای گرگ پیر
چون نبودی مرده در پیش امیر
’Tis (the meaning of) So we took vengeance on them, O old wolf, inasmuch as thou wert not dead in the presence of the Amír.
بعد از آن رو شیر با روباه کرد
گفت این را بخش کن از بهر خورد
After that, the lion turned to the fox and said, “Divide this for eating.”
سجده کرد و گفت کاین گاو سمین
چاشت خوردت باشد ای شاه گزین‌‌
He bowed low and said, “This fat ox will be thy food at breakfast, O excellent King,
و آن بز از بهر میان روز را
یخنیی باشد شه پیروز را
And that goat will be a portion reserved for the victorious King at midday,
و آن دگر خرگوش بهر شام هم
شب چره‌‌ی این شاه با لطف و کرم‌‌
And the hare too for supper—(to be) the repast at nightfall of the gracious and bountiful King.”
گفت ای روبه تو عدل افروختی
این چنین قسمت ز کی آموختی‌‌
Said the lion, “O fox, thou hast made justice shine forth: from whom didst thou learn to divide in such a manner?
از کجا آموختی این ای بزرگ
گفت ای شاه جهان از حال گرگ‌‌
Whence didst thou learn this, O eminent one?” “O King of the world,” he replied, “(I learned it) from the fate of the wolf.”
گفت چون در عشق ما گشتی گرو
هر سه را برگیر و بستان و برو
The lion said, “Inasmuch as thou hast become pledged to love of me, pick up all the three (animals), and take (them) and depart.
روبها چون جملگی ما را شدی
چونت آزاریم چون تو ما شدی‌‌
O fox, since thou hast become entirely mine, how should I hurt thee when thou hast become myself?
ما ترا و جمله اشکاران ترا
پای بر گردون هفتم نه بر آ
I am thine, and all the beasts of chase are thine: set thy foot on the Seventh Heaven and mount (beyond)!
چون گرفتی عبرت از گرگ دنی
پس تو روبه نیستی شیر منی‌‌
Since thou hast taken warning from (the fate of) the vile wolf, thou art not a fox: thou art my own lion.
عاقل آن باشد که عبرت گیرد از
مرگ یاران در بلای محترز
The wise man is he that in (the hour of) the shunned tribulation takes warning from the death of his friends.”
روبه آن دم بر زبان صد شکر راند
که مرا شیر از پی آن گرگ خواند
At that moment the fox uttered a hundred thanksgivings, saying, “(How lucky) that the lion called me up after the wolf.
گر مرا اول بفرمودی که تو
بخش کن این را که بردی جان از او
If he had bidden me first, saying, ‘Do thou divide this,’ who would have escaped from him with his life?”
پس سپاس او را که ما را در جهان
کرد پیدا از پس پیشینیان‌‌
Thanks be to Him (God), then, that He caused us to appear (be born) in the world after those of old,
تا شنیدیم آن سیاستهای حق
بر قرون ماضیه اندر سبق‌‌
So that we heard of the chastisements which God inflicted upon the past generations in the preceding time,
تا که ما از حال آن گرگان پیش
همچو روبه پاس خود داریم بیش‌‌
That we, like the fox, may keep better watch over ourselves from (considering) the fate of those ancient wolves.
امت مرحومه زین رو خواندمان
آن رسول حق و صادق در بیان‌‌
On this account he that is God’s prophet and veracious in explanation called us “a people on which God has taken mercy.”
استخوان و پشم آن گرگان عیان
بنگرید و پند گیرید ای مهان‌‌
Behold with clear vision the bones and fur of those wolves, and take warning, O mighty ones!
عاقل از سر بنهد این هستی و باد
چون شنید انجام فرعونان و عاد
The wise man will put off from his head (lay aside) this self-existence and wind (of vanity), since he heard (what was) the end of the Pharaohs and ‘Ád;
ور بننهد دیگران از حال او
عبرتی گیرند از اضلال او
And if he do not put it off, others will take warning from what befell him in consequence of his being misguided.




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