How the mouse made an arrangement

How the mouse made an arrangement with the frog, saying, “I cannot come to you in the water when I want (to see you). There must be some means of communication between us, so that when I come to the river-bank I may be able to let you know, and when you come to the mouse-hole you may be able to let me know, etc.” تدبیر کردن موش به چغز کی من نمی‌توانم بر تو آمدن به وقت حاجت در آب میان ما وصلتی باید کی چون من بر لب جو آیم ترا توانم خبر کردن و تو چون بر سر سوراخ موش‌خانه آیی مرا توانی خبر کردن الی آخره

این سخن پایان ندارد گفت موش چغز را روزی کای مصباح هوش
This topic is endless. One day the mouse said to the frog, “O lamp of intelligence,
وقتها خواهم که گویم با تو راز تو درون آب داری ترک‌تاز
At times I wish to talk with you in secret, and you are gambolling in the water.
بر لب جو من ترا نعره‌زنان نشنوی در آب ناله‌ی عاشقان
I am on the river-bank, crying aloud for you, (but) you in the water do not hear the wailing of lovers.
من بدین وقت معین ای دلیر می‌نگردم از محاکات تو سیر
(When we meet) at this appointed time, O brave (frog), I never become weary of conversing with you.”
پنج وقت آمد نماز و رهنمون عاشقان را فی صلاة دائمون
The (ritual) prayer is five times (daily), but the guide for lovers is (the Verse), (they who are) in prayer continually.
نه به پنج آرام گیرد آن خمار که در آن سرهاست نی پانصد هزار
The wine-headache that is in those heads is not relieved by five (times) nor by five hundred thousand.
نیست زر غبا وظیفه‌ی عاشقان سخت مستسقیست جان صادقان
“Visit once a week” is not the ration for lovers; the soul of the sincere (lovers) has an intense craving to drink.
نیست زر غبا وظیفه‌ی ماهیان زانک بی‌دریا ندارند انس جان
“Visit once a week” is not the ration for (those) fishes, since they feel no spiritual joy without the Sea.
آب این دریا که هایل بقعه‌ایست با خمار ماهیان خود جرعه‌ایست
Notwithstanding the crop-sickness of the fishes, the water of this Sea, which is a tremendous place, is but a single draught (too little to satisfy them).
یک دم هجران بر عاشق چو سال وصل سالی متصل پیشش خیال
To the lover one moment of separation is as a year; to him a (whole) year’s uninterrupted union is a (fleeting) fancy.
عشق مستسقیست مستسقی‌طلب در پی هم این و آن چون روز و شب
Love craves to drink and seeks him who craves to drink: this (Love) and that (lover) are at each other’s heels, like Day and Night.
روز بر شب عاشقست و مضطرست چون ببینی شب برو عاشق‌ترست
Day is in love with Night and has lost control of itself; when you look (inwardly), (you will see that) Night is (even) more in love with it.
نیستشان از جست‌وجو یک لحظه‌ایست از پی همشان یکی دم ایست نیست
Never for one instant do they cease from seeking; never for one moment do they cease from pursuing each other.
این گرفته پای آن آن گوش این این بر آن مدهوش و آن بی‌هوش این
This one has caught the foot of that one, and that one the ear of this one: this one is distraught with that one, and that one is beside itself for this one.
در دل معشوق جمله عاشق است در دل عذرا همیشه وامق است
In the heart of the beloved the lover is all: Wámiq is always in the heart of ‘Adhrá.
در دل عاشق به جز معشوق نیست در میانشان فارق و فاروق نیست
In the lover’s heart is naught but the beloved: there is nothing to separate and divide them.
بر یکی اشتر بود این دو درا پس چه زر غبا بگنجد این دو را
These two bells are on one camel: how, then, in regard to these twain should (the injunction), “Visit once a week,” be admissible?
هیچ کس با خویش زر غبا نمود هیچ کس با خود به نوبت یار بود
Did any one (ever) pay recurring visits to himself? Was any one (ever) a companion to himself at regular intervals?
آن یکیی نه که عقلش فهم کرد فهم این موقوف شد بر مرگ مرد
That (of which I speak) is not the (sort of) oneness that reason apprehends: the apprehension of this (oneness) depends on a man’s dying (to self);
ور به عقل ادراک این ممکن بدی قهر نفس از بهر چه واجب شدی
And if it were possible to perceive this (oneness) by means of reason, wherefore should self-violence have become a duty?
با چنان رحمت که دارد شاه هش بی‌ضرورت چون بگوید نفس کش
How, with such (infinite) mercy as He hath, would the King of intellect say unnecessarily “Kill thyself”?




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