Description of the old woman

Description of the old woman. صفت آن عجوز

چونک مجلس بی چنین پیغاره نیست از حدیث پست نازل چاره نیست
Since the audience is not free from such reproach, there is no means of avoiding low and undignified talk.
واستان هین این سخن را از گرو سوی افسانه‌ی عجوزه باز رو
Hark, redeem this topic (of discourse) from pawn: return to the tale of the old woman.
چون مسن گشت و درین ره نیست مرد تو بنه نامش عجوز سال‌خورد
When he (any one) has become advanced in years and is not a man (adept) in this Way, bestow the name of “aged crone” upon him.
نه مرورا راس مال و پایه‌ای نه پذیرای قبول مایه‌ای
He has neither (any spiritual) capital and basis, nor is he capable of receiving (such a) stock-in-trade.
نه دهنده نی پذیرنده‌ی خوشی نه درو معنی و نه معنی‌کشی
He is neither a giver nor a receiver of (spiritual) delight; in him there is neither reality nor (the power of) absorbing reality.
نه زبان نه گوش نه عقل و بصر نه هش و نه بیهشی و نه فکر
(He has) neither tongue nor ear nor understanding and insight nor consciousness nor unconsciousness nor reflections;
نه نیاز و نه جمالی بهر ناز تو بتویش گنده مانند پیاز
Neither humble supplication nor any beauty (with which) to show pride: his (whole interior), coat on coat, is stinking, like an onion.
نه رهی ببریده او نه پای راه نه تبش آن قحبه را نه سوز و آه
He has not traversed any path, nor (has he) the foot for (any power to traverse) the path: that shameless one has neither (inward) glow nor burning (passion) and sighs.




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