How the new-comer asked the Shaykh’s wife

How the new-comer asked the Shaykh’s wife, “Where is the Shaykh? Where shall I look for him?” and the rude answer given by the Shaykh’s wife. پرسیدن آن وارد از حرم شیخ کی شیخ کجاست کجا جوییم و جواب نافرجام گفتن حرم

اشکش از دیده بجست و گفت او با همه آن شاه شیرین‌نام کو
Tears burst from his eyes, and he said, “Nevertheless, where is that (spiritual) king of sweet name?”
گفت آن سالوس زراق تهی دام گولان و کمند گمرهی
She replied, “That vain hypocritical impostor, a trap for fools and a noose for (leading into) error.
صد هزاران خام ریشان هم‌چو تو اوفتاده از وی اندر صد عتو
Hundreds of thousands of callow simpletons like you have fallen, through him, into a hundred rebelliousnesses.
گر نبینیش و سلامت وا روی خیر تو باشد نگردی زو غوی
If you should not see him and return (home) in safety, it will be good (luck) for you: you will not be led astray by him.
لاف‌کیشی کاسه‌لیسی طبل‌خوار بانگ طبلش رفته اطراف دیار
A braggart, a lick-platter, a parasite: the noise of his drum has reached the remotest parts of the world.
سبطیند این قوم و گوساله‌پرست در چنین گاوی چه می‌مالند دست
These folk (who follow him) are (like) Israelites and worshippers of the (golden) calf: why do they fondle such a cow?
جیفة اللیلست و بطال النهار هر که او شد غره‌ی این طبل‌خوار
Any one who is duped by this parasite is a carcase by night and a good-for-nothing by day.
هشته‌اند این قوم صد علم و کمال مکر و تزویری گرفته کینست حال
These folk have abandoned a hundred kinds of knowledge and perfection and have embraced a deceit and imposture, saying, ‘This is ecstasy.’
آل موسی کو دریغا تاکنون عابدان عجل را ریزند خون
Alas, where are the family of Moses that now they might shed the blood of the calf-worshippers
شرع و تقوی را فکنده سوی پشت کو عمر کو امر معروفی درشت
(Who) have cast religion and piety behind their backs? Where is ‘Umar? Where is a stern command to act righteously?
کین اباحت زین جماعت فاش شد رخصت هر مفسد قلاش شد
For the licence practised by these people has become notorious: ’tis an indulgence enjoyed by every scoundrelly evil-doer.
کو ره پیغامبری و اصحاب او کو نماز و سبحه و آداب او
Where is the Way of the Prophet and his Companions? Where are his ritual prayer and rosary and (religious) observances?”




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