How the people (of Sabá) demanded

How the people (of Sabá) demanded miracles from the prophets معجزه خواستن قوم از پیغامبران

قوم گفتند ای گروه مدعی کو گواه علم طب و نافعی
The people said, “O ye company of impostors, where is the evidence of (your) knowledge of medicine and (your) usefulness?
چون شما بسته همین خواب و خورید همچو ما باشید در ده می‌چرید
Since ye are in bondage, like us, to this same sleep and food (and) are pasturing in the country.
چون شما در دام این آب و گلید کی شما صیاد سیمرغ دلید
Since ye are entrapped by this water and earth, how are ye hunters of the Símurgh (which is) the heart?
حب جاه و سروری دارد بر آن که شمارد خویش از پیغامبران
Love of power and dominion induces (a man) to reckon himself amongst the prophets.
ما نخواهیم این چنین لاف و دروغ کردن اندر گوش و افتادن بدوغ
We will not put in our ears such vain boasts and lies and (thereby) fall into deception.”
انبیا گفتند کین زان علتست مایه‌ی کوری حجاب ریتست
The prophets said, “This (disbelief) arises from that malady: the original blindness (of your hearts) is the screen (which hinders you) from seeing (the truth).
دعوی ما را شنیدیت و شما می‌نبینید این گهر در دست ما
Ye have heard our call, and (yet) ye do not see this jewel in our hands.
امتحانست این گهر مر خلق را ماش گردانیم گرد چشمها
This jewel is a test for the people: we turn it about round (their) eyes.
هر که گوید کو گوا گفتش گواست کو نمی‌بیند گهر حبس عماست
Whosoever says, ‘Where is the evidence?’ his words are an evidence that he does not see the jewel and is in thrall to blindness.”
آفتابی در سخن آمد که خیز که بر آمد روز بر جه کم ستیز
(Suppose that) a sun has come to speech (and says), “Arise! for the day has risen; jump up, do not dispute!”
تو بگویی آفتابا کو گواه گویدت ای کور از حق دیده خواه
(And suppose that) you say, “O sun, where is the evidence?” it will say to you, “O blind one, beg of God (that He give you) an eye.”
روز روشن هر که او جوید چراغ عین جستن کوریش دارد بلاغ
If any one seek a lamp in bright daylight, the very fact of seeking (it) announces his blindness.
ور نمی‌بینی گمانی برده‌ای که صباحست و تو اندر پرده‌ای
And if you do not see (the daylight) but have formed an opinion that ’tis the dawn and that you are in a veil,
کوری خود را مکن زین گفت فاش خامش و در انتظار فضل باش
Do not proclaim your blindness by (saying) these words; keep silence and be in expectation of the (Divine) grace.
در میان روز گفتن روز کو خویش رسوا کردنست ای روزجو
To say in the midst of day “Where is the day?” is to expose yourself, O day-seeker.
صبر و خاموشی جذوب رحمتست وین نشان جستن نشان علتست
Patience and silence attract the (Divine) mercy, whereas to seek this sign (evidence) is a sign of infirmity.
انصتوا بپذیر تا بر جان تو آید از جانان جزای انصتوا
Accept (the Divine command), “Be ye silent,” in order that the recompense of “Be ye silent” may come to your soul from the Beloved.
گر نخواهی نکس پیش این طبیب بر زمین زن زر و سر را ای لبیب
If you do not desire (to suffer a) relapse, lay on the ground before this Physician your gold (zar) and your head (sar), O man of understanding.
گفت افزون را تو بفروش و بخر بذل جان و بذل جاه و بذل زر
Sell your superfluous speech and buy sacrifice of life and sacrifice of position and sacrifice of gold,
تا ثنای تو بگوید فضل هو که حسد آرد فلک بر جاه تو
That the grace of Him (Hú) may utter praise of you, so that Heaven will be envious of your high estate.
چون طبیبان را نگه دارید دل خود ببینید و شوید ازخود خجل
When ye have regard for the hearts (feelings and wishes) of the physicians, ye will see yourselves and will become ashamed of yourselves.
دفع این کوری بدست خلق نیست لیک اکرام طبیبان از هدیست
Tis not in the power of created beings to remove this blindness, but the honouring of the physicians (by you) is from Divine guidance.
این طبیبان را به جان بنده شوید تا به مشک و عنبر آکنده شوید
Become devoted to these physicians with (all your) soul, that ye may be filled with musk and ambergris.




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