How David, on whom be peace

How David, on whom be peace, resolved to summon the people to a certain plain, in older that he might disclose the mystery and make an end of all arguments. عزم کردن داود علیه السلام به خواندن خلق بدان صحرا کی راز آشکارا کند و حجتها را همه قطع کند

گفت ای یاران زمان آن رسید کان سر مکتوم او گردد پدید
He said, “O friends, the time has come that his hidden secret should he displayed.
جمله برخیزید تا بیرون رویم تا بر آن سر نهان واقف شویم
Arise,all(of you), that we may go forth, so that we may be come acquainted with that hidden secret.
در فلان صحرا درختی هست زفت شاخهااش انبه و بسیار و چفت
In such and such a plain there is a huge tree, its boughs dense and numerous and curved.
سخت راسخ خیمه‌گاه و میخ او بوی خون می‌آیدم از بیخ او
Its tent and tent-pegs are very firm; from its roots the smell of blood is coining to me.
خون شدست اندر بن آن خوش درخت خواجه راکشتست این منحوس‌بخت
Murder has been done at the bottom of that goodly tree: this man of sinister fortune has killed his master.
تا کنون حلم خدا پوشید آن آخر از ناشکری آن قلتبان
The clemency, of God has concealed that (crime) till now, (but) at last.(it has come to ‘light) through the ingratitude of that scoundrel,
که عیال خواجه را روزی ندید نه بنوروز و نه موسمهای عید
Who never a single day looked upon his master’s family, not (even) at Nawróz and (other) seasons of festival,
بی‌نوایان را به یک لقمه نجست یاد ناورد او ز حقهای نخست
And never ‘searched after the destitute (children, to relieve their want) with a single morsel of food, or bethought him of the former obligations (which he had received),
تا کنون از بهر یک گاو این لعین می‌زند فرزند او را در زمین
(And so continued), till for the sake of a cow this accursed wretch is now felling his (master’s) son’ to the earth.
او بخود برداشت پرده از گناه ورنه می‌پوشید جرمش را اله
He, of himself, has lifted the veil from his crime; else God would have concealed his sin.”
کافر و فاسق درین دور گزند پرده خود را بخود بر می‌درند
In this cycle of woe the infidel and the profligate rend their veils of their own accord.
ظلم مستورست در اسرار جان می‌نهد ظالم بپیش مردمان
Wrong is covered (from sight) in the inmost thoughts of the soul: the wrong-doer exposes it to men,
که ببینیدم که دارم شاخها گاو دوزخ را ببینید از ملا
Saying, “Behold me! I have horns! Behold the cow of Hell in full view!”




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