How the pilgrims were amazed

How the pilgrims were amazed at the miracles of the ascetic whom they found (living) alone in the desert. حیران شدن حاجیان در کرامات آن زاهد که در بادیه تنهاش یافتند

زاهدی بد در میان بادیه
در عبادت غرق چون عبادیه‏
Amidst the desert lived an ascetic, absorbed in devotion like the people of ‘Abbádán.
حاجیان آن جا رسیدند از بلاد
دیده‏شان بر زاهد خشک اوفتاد
The pilgrims from (different) countries arrived there: their eyes fell upon the parched ascetic.
جای زاهد خشک بود او تر مزاج
از سموم بادیه بودش علاج‏
The dwelling-place of the ascetic was dry, (but) he was moist in temperament: in the simoom of the desert he had a remedy (for his moistness).
حاجیان حیران شدند از وحدتش
و آن سلامت در میان آفتش‏
The pilgrims were amazed at his solitude and his welfare in the midst of bane.
در نماز استاده بد بر روی ریگ
ریگ کز تفش بجوشد آب دیگ‏
He stood on the sand, (engaged) in the ritual prayer sand from the heat whereof the water in a pot would boil.
گفتیی سر مست در سبزه و گل است
یا سواره بر براق و دلدل است‏
You would have said he was (standing) enraptured amongst herbs and flowers, or mounted on Buráq or Duldul;
یا که پایش بر حریر و حله‏هاست
یا سموم او را به از باد صباست‏
Or that his feet were on silk and broidered cloths; or that to him the simoom was more pleasant than the zephyr.
پس بماندند آن جماعت با نیاز
تا شود درویش فارغ از نماز
Then that company remained in need (unsatisfied) till the dervish should finish the (ritual) prayer.
چون ز استغراق باز آمد فقیر
ز آن جماعت زنده‏ای روشن ضمیر
When the dervish came back (to himself) from (his state of) absorption (in God), one of that company, a man (spiritually) alive and of enlightened mind,
دید کابش می‏چکید از دست و رو
جامه‏اش تر بود از آثار وضو
Observed that water was trickling from his hands and face, (and that) his garment was wet with the traces of ablution;
پس بپرسیدش که آبت از کجاست
دست را برداشت کز سوی شماست‏
So he asked him, “Whence hast thou water?” He lifted his hand, (indicating) that it came from heaven.
گفت هر گاهی که خواهی می‏رسد
بی‏ز جاه و بی‏ز حبل من مسد
He (the pilgrim) said, “Does it come whenever thou wilt, without (any) well and without (any) rope of palm-fibre?
مشکل ما حل کن ای سلطان دین
تا ببخشد حال تو ما را یقین‏
Solve our difficulty, O Sultan of the Religion, in order that thy (spiritual) experience may give us certain faith.
وانما سری ز اسرارت به ما
تا ببریم از میان زنارها
Reveal to us one of thy mysteries, that we may cut from our waists the cords (of infidelity).”
چشم را بگشود سوی آسمان
که اجابت کن دعای حاجیان‏
He (the ascetic) opened his eyes towards heaven, saying, “(O God), answer the prayer of the pilgrims!
رزق جویی را ز بالا خو گرم
تو ز بالا بر گشودستی درم‏
I am accustomed to seeking daily bread from above: Thou hast opened to me the door from above,
ای نموده تو مکان از لامکان
فی السماء رزقکم کرده عیان‏
O Thou who from non-spatiality hast brought space into view, and hast made manifest (the fact that) in heaven is your daily bread.”
در میان این مناجات ابر خوش
زود پیدا شد چو پیل آب کش‏
In the midst of this orison a fair cloud suddenly appeared, like a water bearing elephant,
همچو آب از مشک باریدن گرفت
در گو و در غارها مسکن گرفت‏
And began to pour down rain, like water from a water-skin: the rain-water settled in the ditch and in the hollows.
ابر می‏بارید چون مشک اشکها
حاجیان جمله گشاده مشکها
The cloud kept raining tears, like a water-skin, and the pilgrims all opened their water-skins.
یک جماعت ز آن عجایب کارها
می‏بریدند از میان زنارها
One party (among them), in consequence of those marvellous happenings, were cutting the cords (of unbelief) from their waists.
قوم دیگر را یقین در ازدیاد
زین عجب و الله أعلم بالرشاد
The certainty (faith) of another group was on the increase because of this miracle—and God knows best how to guide aright.
قوم دیگر ناپذیرا ترش و خام
ناقصان سرمدی تم الکلام‏
Another group (were) unreceptive, sour and unripe, eternally imperfect ones. (Here) ends the discourse.


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