How the dervish became weak-kneed

How the dervish became weak-kneed on plucking the pears from the tree, and how God’s chastisement came (upon him) without delay.مضطرب شدن فقیر نذر کرده بکندن امرود از درخت و گوشمال حق رسیدن بی مهلت

پنج روز آن باد امرودی نریخت ز آتش جوعش صبوری می‌گریخت
For five days the wind did not cause a single pear to drop, and on account of the fire (pangs) of hunger his patience was fleeing (deserting him).
بر سر شاخی مرودی چند دید باز صبری کرد و خود را وا کشید
He espied several pears on a bough, (but) once more he acted with patience and restrained himself.
باد آمد شاخ را سر زیر کرد طبع را بر خوردن آن چیر کرد
The wind came and lowered the end of the bough and caused his carnal nature to prevail for the eating of that (fruit).
جوع و ضعف و قوت جذب و قضا کرد زاهد را ز نذرش بی‌وفا
Hunger and weakness and the strength of pull and (the might of) Destiny made the ascetic unfaithful to his vow.
چونک از امرودبن میوه سکست گشت اندر نذر وعهد خویش سست
When he had plucked fruit from the pear-tree, he became frail (false) in his vow and promise.
هم درآن دم گوشمال حق رسید چشم او بگشاد و گوش او کشید
At the same instant God’s chastisement arrived: it opened his eye and pulled his ear.




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