How ‘Imrán lay with the mother of Moses

How ‘Imrán lay with the mother of Moses and how the mother of Moses, on him be peace, became pregnant جمع آمدن عمران به مادر موسی و حامله شدن مادر موسی علیه‌السلام

شب برفت و او بر آن درگاه خفت نیم‌شب آمد پی دیدنش جفت
The King departed, and he (‘Imrán) slept at the door; at midnight his wife came to see him.
زن برو افتاد و بوسید آن لبش بر جهانیدش ز خواب اندر شبش
The wife fell upon him and kissed his lips: she roused him from his slumber in the night.
گشت بیدار او و زن را دید خوش بوسه باران کرده از لب بر لبش
He awoke and saw that his wife was fair and that she rained kisses from her lips upon his.
گفت عمران این زمان چون آمدی گفت از شوق و قضای ایزدی
‘Imrán said, “How didst thou come at this time?” She said, “From desire (of thee) and from the Divine ordinance.”
در کشیدش در کنار از مهر مرد بر نیامد با خود آن دم در نبرد
The man drew her lovingly into his arms; at that moment he did not rise to (did not engage in) battle with himself.
جفت شد با او امانت را سپرد پس بگفت ای زن نه این کاریست خرد
Concubuit cum ea et depositum (semen) tradidit; then he said, “O wife, this is not a small matter.
آهنی بر سنگ زد زاد آتشی آتشی از شاه و ملکش کین‌کشی
A steel struck upon the stone, and a fire was born a fire that shall take vengeance on the King and his empire.
من چو ابرم تو زمین موسی نبات حق شه شطرنج و ما ماتیم مات
I am as the cloud, thou the earth, and Moses the plant. God is (as) the king on the chessboard, and we are checkmated, checkmated.
مات و برد از شاه می‌دان ای عروس آن مدان از ما مکن بر ما فسوس
Deem (both) checkmate and victory (to proceed) from the King, O spouse: do not deem them to be from us, do not jeer at us.
آنچ این فرعون می‌ترسد ازو هست شد این دم که گشتم جفت تو
That of which this Pharaoh is afraid came into being at the moment when I lay with thee.




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