How the prophets lost hope

How the prophets lost hope

How the prophets lost hope of being accepted and approved by the unbelievers, as God hath said: “Until, when the (Divine) Messengers despaired” نومید شدن انبیا از قبول و پذیرای منکران قوله حتی اذا استیاس الرسل

انبیا گفتند با خاطر که چند می‌دهیم این را و آن را وعظ و پند
The prophets said to their hearts (to themselves), “How long shall we continue giving exhortation and counsel to this one and that one?
چند کوبیم آهن سردی ز غی در دمیدن در قفض هین تا بکی
How long shall we misguidedly beat a piece of cold iron? Hark, till when (how long shall we continue) to breathe into a cage?”
جنبش خلق از قضا و وعده است تیزی دندان ز سوز معده است
The motion (action) of created beings is (caused) by Divine destiny and appointment: the sharpness of the teeth is (caused) by the burning (hunger pangs) of the stomach.
نفس اول راند بر نفس دوم ماهی از سر گنده باشد نه ز دم
The First Soul pushed (produced an effect) upon the second soul: a fish stinks from the head, not from the tail.
لیک هم می‌دان و خر می‌ران چو تیر چونک بلغ گفت حق شد ناگزیر
But, whilst recognising (this), still speed on like an arrow: since God hath said, “Deliver (the Divine message),” there is no escape (from doing so).
تو نمی‌دانی کزین دو کیستی جهد کن چندانک بینی چیستی
You do not know which of these two you are: strive (then) so long (as is necessary) that you may discern what you are.
چون نهی بر پشت کشتی بار را بر توکل می‌کنی آن کار را
When you put a cargo on board a ship, you are making that venture on trust,
تو نمی‌دانی که از هر دو کیی غرقه‌ای اندر سفر یا ناجیی
(For) you do not know which of the two you are whether you are (destined to be) drowned on the voyage or saved (from death).
گر بگویی تا ندانم من کیم بر نخواهم تاخت در کشتی و یم
If you say, “Until I know which I am, I will not hasten on to (embark on) the ship and the ocean;
من درین ره ناجیم یا غرقه‌ام کشف گردان کز کدامین فرقه‌ام
On this voyage I am (to be) saved or drowned: reveal (to me) to which party I belong.
من نخواهم رفت این ره با گمان بر امید خشک همچون دیگران
I will not start upon this voyage with doubt and in idle hope, like the others”
هیچ بازرگانیی ناید ز تو زانک در غیبست سر این دو رو
(Then) no traffic will be done by you, because the secret of these two aspects (possibilities) is in the Unseen.
تاجر ترسنده‌طبع شیشه‌جان در طلب نه سود دارد نه زیان
The merchant of timid disposition and frail spirit neither gains nor loses in his quest;
بل زیان دارد که محرومست و خوار نور او یابد که باشد شعله‌خوار
Nay, he suffers loss, for he is deprived (of fortune) and despicable: (only) he that is an eater of flames (ardent in search) will find the light.
چونک بر بوکست جمله کارها کار دین اولی کزین یابی رها
Inasmuch as all affairs depend on “maybe,” the affair of religion is most worthy (to inspire hope), for by this means you may win salvation.
نیست دستوری بدینجا قرع باب جز امید الله اعلم بالصواب
Here it is not permitted to knock at the door (with importunity); naught but hope (is permissible): God best knoweth the right course.


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