How the seven candles became

How the seven candles became what seemed like one candle. شدن آن هفت شمع بر مثال یک شمع

باز می‌دیدم که می‌شد هفت یک می‌شکافد نور او جیب فلک
Then I saw the seven (candles) become one, its light cleaving the bosom (rim) of the sky.
باز آن یک بار دیگر هفت شد مستی و حیرانی من زفت شد
Then again that one became seven once more: my intoxication and bewilderment waxed mighty.
اتصالاتی میان شمعها که نیاید بر زبان و گفت ما
(There were) such connexions between the candles as may not come (may not be uttered) on my tongue and (in) my speech.
آنک یک دیدن کند ادارک آن سالها نتوان نمودن از زبان
That which one look perceives, ’tis impossible during years to show it forth by the tongue.
آنک یک دم بیندش ادراک هوش سالها نتوان شنودن آن بگوش
That which intellectual apprehension sees in one moment, ’tis impossible during years to hear it by the ear.
چونک پایانی ندارد رو الیک زانک لا احصی ثناء ما علیک
Since it hath no end, go (back) to thyself, for (as the Prophet aid), ‘I cannot reckon (worthy) any praise of Thee.’
پیشتر رفتم دوان کان شمعها تا چه چیزست از نشان کبریا
I advanced farther, running (and marvelling) what thing those candles are (which are one) of the signs of the Divine Majesty.
می‌شدم بی خویش و مدهوش و خراب تا بیفتادم ز تعجیل و شتاب
(Thus) I was going, beside myself and dumbfounded and deranged, till I fell down from making haste and speed.
ساعتی بی‌هوش و بی‌عقل اندرین اوفتادم بر سر خاک زمین
In this (state), senseless and witless, I lay fallen awhile upon the dust of the earth.
باز با هوش آمدم برخاستم در روش گویی نه سر نه پاستم
Then I came back to my senses and rose up: you would say that in my faring I had neither head nor foot.




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