The apparition of what seemed like seven candles

The apparition of what seemed like seven candles in the direction of the shore. نمودن مثال هفت شمع سوی ساحل

هفت شمع از دور دیدم ناگهان اندر آن ساحل شتابیدم بدان
Of a sudden I beheld from afar seven candles and hastened along the shore towards them.
نور شعله‌ی هر یکی شمعی از آن بر شده خوش تا عنان آسمان
The light of the flame of each candle thereof ascended beauteously to the loft of the sky.
خیره گشتم خیرگی هم خیره گشت موج حیرت عقل را از سر گذشت
I became amazed, (so that) even amazement (itself) became amazed: the waves of bewilderment passed over the head of my understanding.
این چگونه شمعها افروختست کین دو دیده‌ی خلق ازینها دوختست
(I thought), ‘What kind of candles are these (that) He hath lighted, so that the eyes of His creatures are screened from them?’
خلق جویان چراغی گشته بود پیش آن شمعی که بر مه می‌فزود
The people had gone to seek a lamp in the presence of that (sevenfold) candle which was surpassing the moon (in splendour).
چشم‌بندی بد عجب بر دیده‌ها بندشان می‌کرد یهدی من یشا
Wonderful! There was a bandage over their eyes: they were bound by (the Divine destiny implied in the text) He guideth aright those whom He will.




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