How the Súfi questioned the Cadi

How the Súfi questioned the Cadi. سال کردن آن صوفی قاضی را

fi questioned the Cadi.
گفت صوفی چون ز یک کانست زر این چرا نفعست و آن دیگر ضرر
The Súfi said, “Since (all) the gold is from a single Mine, why is this beneficial and that other harmful?
چونک جمله از یکی دست آمدست این چرا هوشیار و آن مست آمدست
Since the whole (Creation) has come from a single Hand, why tees has this one come sober and that one intoxicated?
چون ز یک دریاست این جوها روان این چرا نوش است و آن زهر دهان
Since (all) these rivers flow from a single Sea, why is this one honey and that one poison in the mouth?
چون همه انوار از شمس بقاست صبح صادق صبح کاذب از چه خاست
Since all lights are (derived) from the everlasting Sun, where fore did the true dawn and the false dawn rise?
چون ز یک سرمه‌ست ناظر را کحل از چه آمد راست‌بینی و حول
Since the blackness of every seeing person’s eye is (derived) from a single Collyrium wherefore did true, sight and strabism come (into being)?
چونک دار الضرب را سلطان خداست نقد را چون ضرب خوب و نارواست
Since God is the Governor of the Mint, how is it that (both) good and spurious coins are struck?
چون خدا فرمود ره را راه من این خفیر از چیست و آن یک راه‌زن
Since God has called the Way ‘My Way,’ wherefore is this, one a trusty escort and that one a brigand?
از یک اشکم چون رسد حر و سفیه چون یقین شد الولد سر ابیه
How can (both) the (noble) freeman and the (base) fool come from a single womb, since it is certain that the son is (the expression of) his father’s inmost nature?
وحدتی که دید با چندین هزار صد هزاران جنبش از عین قرار
Who (ever) saw a Unity with so many thousand (numbers), (or) a hundred thousand motions (proceeding) from the essence of Rest?”




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