How the teacher was made ill by imagination

How the teacher was made ill by imagination. رنجور شدن اوستاد به وهم

گشت استا سست از وهم و ز بیم بر جهید و می‌کشانید او گلیم
The master became unnerved by imagination and dread; he sprang up and began to drag his cloak along,
خشمگین با زن که مهر اوست سست من بدین حالم نپرسید و نجست
Angry with his wife and saying, “Her love is weak: I am in this state (of health), and she did not ask and inquire.
خود مرا آگه نکرد از رنگ من قصد دارد تا رهد از ننگ من
She did not even inform me about my colour: she intends to be freed from my disgrace.
او به حسن و جلوه‌ی خود مست گشت بی‌خبر کز بام افتادم چو طشت
She has become intoxicated with her beauty and the display (of her charms) and is unaware that I have fallen from the roof, like a bowl.”
آمد و در را بتندی وا گشاد کودکان اندر پی آن اوستاد
He came (home) and fiercely opened the door the boys (were following) at the master’s heels.
گفت زن خیرست چون زود آمدی که مبادا ذات نیکت را بدی
His wife said, “Is it well (with thee)? How hast thou come (so) soon? May no evil happen to thy goodly person!”
گفت کوری رنگ و حال من ببین از غمم بیگانگان اندر حنین
He said, “Are you blind? Look at my colour and appearance: (even) strangers are lamenting my affliction,
تو درون خانه از بغض و نفاق می‌نبینی حال من در احتراق
(While) you, at home, from hatred and hypocrisy do not see the state of anguish I am in.”
گفت زن ای خواجه عیبی نیستت وهم و ظن لاش بی معنیستت
His wife said, “O sir, there is nothing wrong with thee: ’tis (only) thy vain unreal imagination and opinion.”
گفتش ای غر تو هنوزی در لجاج می‌نبینی این تغیر و ارتجاج
He said to her, “O strumpet, are you still obstinately disputing (with me)? Don’t you see this change (in my appearance) and (this) tremor?
گر تو کور و کر شدی ما را چه جرم ما درین رنجیم و در اندوه و گرم
If you have become blind and deaf, what fault of mine is it? I am in this (state of) pain and grief and woe.”
گفت ای خواجه بیارم آینه تا بدانی که ندارم من گنه
She said, “O sir, I will bring the mirror, in order that thou mayst know that I am innocent.”
گفت رو مه تو رهی مه آینت دایما در بغض و کینی و عنت
“Begone,” said he; “may neither you nor your mirror be saved! You are always (engaged) in hatred and malice and sin.
جامه‌ی خواب مرا زو گستران تا بخسپم که سر من شد گران
Lay my bed at once, that I may lie down, for my head is sore.”
زن توقف کرد مردش بانگ زد کای عدو زوتر ترا این می‌سزد
The wife lingered; the man shouted at her, saying, “O hateful one, (be) quicker! This (behaviour) is worthy of you.”




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