How the Holy Spirit said to Mary

How the Holy Spirit said to Mary

How the Holy Spirit said to Mary, “I am sent to thee by God: be not agitated and do not hide from me, for this is the (Divine) command.”گفتن روح القدس مریم راکی من رسول حقم به تو آشفته مشو و پنهان مشو از من کی فرمان اینست

بانگ بر وی زد نمودار کرم که امین حضرتم از من مرم
The Exemplar of (Divine) Bounty cried out to her, “I am the trusted (messenger) of the Lord: be not afraid of me.
از سرافرازان عزت سرمکش از چنین خوش محرمان خود درمکش
Do not turn thy head away from the exalted (favourites) of (Divine) Majesty, do not withdraw thyself from such goodly confidants.”
این همی گفت و ذباله‌ی نور پاک از لبش می‌شد پیاپی بر سماک
He was saying this, and (meanwhile) from his lips a wick (ray) of pure light was going up to Simák (Arcturus) step by step (uninterruptedly).
از وجودم می‌گریزی در عدم در عدم من شاهم و صاحب علم
“Thou art fleeing from my existence into non-existence (the Unseen World): in non-existence I am a King and standard-bearer.
خود بنه و بنگاه من در نیستیست یکسواره نقش من پیش ستیست
Verily, my home and dwelling-place is in non-existence: solely my (outward) form is before the Lady (Mary).
مریما بنگر که نقش مشکلم هم هلالم هم خیال اندر دلم
O Mary, look (well), for I am a difficult form (to apprehend): I am both a new moon and a phantasy in the heart.
چون خیالی در دلت آمد نشست هر کجا که می‌گریزی با توست
When a phantasy comes into thy heart and settles (there), it is (still) with thee wheresoever thou fleest.
جز خیالی عارضی باطلی کو بود چون صبح کاذب آفلی
Except an unsubstantial and vain phantasy which is one that sinks (and disappears) like the false dawn.
من چو صبح صادقم از نور رب که نگردد گرد روزم هیچ شب
I am of the light of the Lord, like the true dawn, for no night prowls around my day.
هین مکن لاحول عمران زاده‌ام که ز لاحول این طرف افتاده‌ام
Hark, do not cry Lá hawl against me, O daughter of ‘Imrán, for I have descended hither from Lá hawl.
مر مرا اصل و غذا لاحول بود نور لاحولی که پیش از قول بود
Lá hawl was my origin and sustenance the light of that Lá hawl which was prior to the spoken word.
تو همی‌گیری پناه ازمن به حق من نگاریده‌ی پناهم در سبق
Thou art taking refuge from me with God: I am in eternity the image of (Him who is) the (only) refuge.
آن پناهم من که مخلصهات بوذ تو اعوذ آری و من خود آن اعوذ
I am the refuge that was oft (the source of) thy deliverance. Thou takest refuge (from me), and I myself am that refuge.
آفتی نبود بتر از ناشناخت تو بر یار و ندانی عشق باخت
There is no bane worse than ignorance: thou art with thy Friend and dost not know how to make love.
یار را اغیار پنداری همی شادیی را نام بنهادی غمی
Thou art deeming thy Friend a stranger: upon a joy thou hast bestowed the name of a grief.”
اینچنین نخلی که لطف یار ماست چونک ما دزدیم نخلش دار ماست
Such a date-palm, which is our Friend’s favour since we are robbers, His date-palm is our gallows.
اینچنین مشکین که زلف میر ماست چونک بی‌عقلیم این زنجیر ماست
Such a musky (fragrant) object, which is the tress of our Prince—since we are demented, this (tress) is our chain.
اینچنین لطفی چو نیلی می‌رود چونک فرعونیم چون خون می‌شود
Such a (Divine) grace is flowing like a Nile since we are Pharaohs, it is becoming like blood.
خون همی‌گوید من آبم هین مریز یوسفم گرگ از توم ای پر ستیز
The blood is saying, “I am water. Beware, do not spill (me)! I am (really) Joseph, (but) you make me the wolf, O contentious man.”
تو نمی‌بینی که یار بردبار چونک با او ضد شدی گردد چو مار
Don’t you see that a long-suffering friend becomes like a snake when you have grown hostile to him?
لحم او و شحم او دیگر نشد او چنان بد جز که از منظر نشد
His flesh and fat (real nature) is unchanged: (’tis) only in appearance (that) he has become so evil.




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