How the wife said that she (the lady)

How the wife said that she (the lady)

How the wife said that she (the lady) was not bent upon household goods, and that what she wanted was modesty and virtue; and how the Súfí answered her (his wife) cryptically. گفتن زن کی او در بند جهاز نیست مراد او ستر و صلاحست و جواب گفتن صوفی این را سرپوشیده

گفت گفتم من چنین عذری و او
گفت نه من نیستم اسباب جو
She (the wife) said, ‘I gave such an excuse, but she said, No, I am not one who seeks (worldly) means.
ما ز مال و زر ملول و تخمه‌ایم
ما به حرص و جمع نه چون عامه‌ایم
We are sick and surfeited with possessions and gold; we are not like the common folk in regard to coveting and amassing (wealth).
قصد ما سترست و پاکی و صلاح
در دو عالم خود بدان باشد فلاح
Our quest is (for) modesty and purity and virtue: truly, welfare in both worlds depends on that.’
باز صوفی عذر درویشی بگفت
و آن مکرر کرد تا نبود نهفت
The Súfí once more made the excuse of poverty and repeated it, so that it should not be hidden.
گفت زن من هم مکرر کرده‌ام
بی‌جهازی را مقرر کرده‌ام
The wife replied, ‘I too have repeated it and have explained our lack of household goods;
اعتقاد اوست راسختر ز کوه
که ز صد فقرش نمی‌آید شکوه
(But) her resolution is firmer than a mountain, for she is not dismayed by a hundred poverties.
او همی‌گوید مرادم عفتست
از شما مقصود صدق و همتست
She keeps saying, What I want is chastity: the thing sought from you is sincerity and high-mindedness.’
گفت صوفی خود جهاز و مال ما
دید و می‌بیند هویدا و خفا
The Súfí said, ‘In sooth she has seen and is seeing our household goods and possessions, (both) the overt and the covert.
خانه‌ی تنگی مقام یک تنی
که درو پنهان نماند سوزنی
A narrow house, a dwelling-place for a single person, where a needle would not remain hid.
باز ستر و پاکی و زهد و صلاح
او ز ما به داند اندر انتصاح
Moreover, she in (her) guilelessness knows better than we (what is) modesty and purity and renunciation and virtue.
به ز ما می‌داند او احوال ستر
وز پس و پیش و سر و دنبال ستر
She knows better than we (all) the aspects of modesty, and the rear and front and head and tail of modesty.
ظاهرا او بی‌جهاز و خادمست
وز صلاح و ستر او خود عالمست
Evidently she (our daughter) is without household goods and servant, and she (the lady) herself is well-acquainted with virtue and modesty.
شرح مستوری ز بابا شرط نیست
چون برو پیدا چو روز روشنیست
It is not required of a father to dilate on (his daughter’s) modesty, when in her it is manifest as a bright day.’
این حکایت را بدان گفتم که تا
لاف کم بافی چو رسوا شد خطا
I have told this story with the intent that thou mayst not weave idle talk when the offence is glaring.
مر ترا ای هم به دعوی مستزاد
این بدستت اجتهاد و اعتقاد
O thou who art likewise excessive in thy pretension, to thee (in thy case) there has been this (same hypocritical) exertion and (vain) belief.
چون زن صوفی تو خاین بوده‌ای
دام مکر اندر دغا بگشوده‌ای
Thou hast been unfaithful, like the Súfí’s wife: thou hast opened in fraud the snare of cunning,
که ز هر ناشسته رویی کپ زنی
شرم داری وز خدای خویش نی
For thou art ashamed before every dirty braggart, and not before thy God.




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