Returning to the Story of the dome

Returning to the Story of the dome and the treasure. رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی قبه و گنج

نک خیال آن فقیرم بی‌ریا عاجز آورد از بیا و از بیا
Lo, the idea of that fakir with (his cries) “Come! come!” has rendered me unfeignedly (really) unable (to resist his appeal).
بانگ او تو نشنوی من بشنوم زانک در اسرار همراز ویم
You do not hear his cry, (but) I hear it, because I am his confidant in my inmost thoughts.
طالب گنجش مبین خود گنج اوست دوست کی باشد به معنی غیر دوست
Do not regard him as a seeker of the treasure; he is the treasure himself, how should the lover in reality be other than the beloved?
سجده خود را می‌کند هر لحظه او سجده پیش آینه‌ست از بهر رو
At even moment he is bowing down (in worship) to himself: the bowing is (performed) in front of the mirror for the sake of (beholding) the face.
گر بدیدی ز آینه او یک پشیز بی‌خیالی زو نماندی هیچ چیز
If he saw in the mirror a single mite without any phantasy, nothing would be left of him.
هم خیالاتش هم او فانی شدی دانش او محو نادانی شدی
Both his phantasies and he (himself) would vanish: his know ledge would be obliterated in nescience.
دانشی دیگر ز نادانی ما سر برآوردی عیان که انی انا
From our nescience another knowledge would rise into clear view, saying, “Lo, Jam (God).”
اسجدوا لادم ندا آمد همی که آدمید و خویش بینیدش دمی
The (Divine) call was coming (to the angels)”Bow down to Adam, for ye are (essentially) Adam, and for a moment see yourselves to be (identical with) him.”
احولی از چشم ایشان دور کرد تا زمین شد عین چرخ لاژورد
He (God) removed strabism from their eyes, so that the earth became identical with the azure heavens.
لا اله گفت و الا الله گفت گشت لا الا الله و وحدت شکفت
He said, “There is no god,” and He said, “except God”: not (any god) became except God, and Unity blossomed forth (was revealed).
آن حبیب و آن خلیل با رشد وقت آن آمد که گوش ما کشد
The time has come for that righteous beloved and dear friend (of God) to pull my ear (and lead me)
سوی چشمه که دهان زینها بشو آنچ پوشیدیم از خلقان مگو
Towards the fountain (of Unity), saying, “Wash thy mouth clean of these things: do not tell that which we have concealed from the people.
ور بگویی خود نگردد آشکار تو به قصد کشف گردی جرم‌دار
And if thou tell (it), it will not become manifest, (yet) thou wilt be guilty of attempting to reveal it.
لیک من اینک بریشان می‌تنم قایل این سامع این هم منم
But, mark, I am compassing them about: I am at once the speaker and the hearer of this (mystery).
صورت درویش و نقش گنج گو رنج کیش‌اند این گروه از رنج گو
Tell (only) of the (outward) form of the dervish and the picture (external description) of the treasure. These folk are addicted to (worldly) trouble: tell (them) of trouble.
چشمه‌ی راحت بریشان شد حرام می‌خورند از زهر قاتل جام‌جام
The fountain ‘of Mercy has become unlawful to them: they are drinking cup after cup of deadly poison.
خاکها پر کرده دامن می‌کشند تا کنند این چشمه‌ها را خشک‌بند
Having filled their skirts with clods, they are taking them along in order to make a dam for these fountains.
کی شود این چشمه‌ی دریامدد مکتنس زین مشت خاک نیک و بد
How should this fountain, which is replenished by the Sea, be stopped up by this good or bad folk’s handful of earth?
لیک گوید با شما من بسته‌ام بی‌شما من تا ابد پیوسته‌ام
But it (the fountain) says, ‘With you, I am closed; Without you, I continue (to flow) unto everlasting.’ ”
قوم معکوس‌اند اندر مشتها خاک‌خوار و آب را کرده رها
The (worldly) folk are perverted in their appetites: (they are) eating earth and have left the water (untasted).
ضد طبع انبیا دارند خلق اژدها را متکا دارند خلق
The people (of the world) have a nature opposite to that of the prophets: the people deem the dragon (the world) an object of reliance.
چشم‌بند ختم چون دانسته‌ای هیچ دانی از چه دیده بسته‌ای
Inasmuch as you have known (from the Qur’an) the eye- bandage whereby God seals (the sight), do you know at all to what you have shut your eyes?
بر چه بگشادی بدل این دیده‌ها یک به یک بس البدل دان آن ترا
To what instead have you opened these eyes (of yours)? (Whatever it be), know that in every respect it is a bad exchange for you.
لیک خورشید عنایت تافته‌ست آیسان را از کرم در یافته‌ست
But (nevertheless) the sun of (Divine) favour has shone (forth) and has graciously succoured them that despair.
نرد بس نادر ز رحمت باخته عین کفران را انابت ساخته
He (God) in His mercy has played a very marvellous game of backgammon: He has made the essence of ingratitude to be a turning in repentance (towards Him).
هم ازین بدبختی خلق آن جواد منفجر کرده دو صد چشمه‌ی وداد
Even from this ill-fatedness (unrighteousness) of the people (of the world) that Bounteous One has caused two hundred fountains of love to burst.
غنچه را از خار سرمایه دهد مهره را از مار پیرایه دهد
He gives to the rose-bud a source (of growth) in the thorn; He gives to the snake-stone, (though obtained) from the snake, an ornamental quality. 
از سواد شب برون آرد نهار وز کف معسر برویاند یسار
He brings forth day from the blackness of night and makes ease (opulence) to grow (flow) from the hand of him who suffers hardship (penury).
آرد سازد ریگ را بهر خلیل کو با داود گردد هم رسیل
He makes sand into flour for Khalil (Abraham); the mountain becomes an accompanist to David.
کوه با وحشت در آن ابر ظلم بر گشاید بانگ چنگ و زیر و بم
The solitary mountain amidst that cloud of darkness opens the music of the harp and (the tones of) treble and bass,
خیز ای داود از خلقان نفیر ترک آن کردی عوض از ما بگیر
(Singing),” Arise, O David, thou shunner of the people! Thou ha abandoned that (society): receive compensation from me.”




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