People’s intellects differ in their original nature

People’s intellects differ in their original nature, (though) according to the Mu‘tazilites they are (originally) equal and the difference in intellects arises from the acquisition of knowledge. عقول خلق متفاوتست در اصل فطرت و نزد معتزله متساویست تفاوت عقول از تحصیل علم است

اختلاف عقلها در اصل بود بر وفاق سنیان باید شنود
You must hear (and believe) in accordance with the Sunnís (that) the difference in (people’s) intellects was original,
بر خلاف قول اهل اعتزال که عقول از اصل دارند اعتدال
In contradiction to the doctrine of the Mu‘tazilites, who hold that (all) intellects were originally equal,
تجربه و تعلیم بیش و کم کند تا یکی را از یکی اعلم کند
(And who maintain that) experience and teaching makes them more or less, so that it makes one person more knowing than another.
باطلست این زانک رای کودکی که ندارد تجربه در مسلکی
This is false, because the counsel of a boy who has not experience in any course of action.
بر دمید اندیشه‌ای زان طفل خرد پیر با صد تجربه بویی نبرد
From that small child sprang up a thought (which) the old man with a hundred experiences did not smell out (detect and apprehend) at all.
خود فزون آن به که آن از فطرتست تا ز افزونی که جهد و فکرتست
Truly, the superiority that is from (any one’s) nature is even better than the superiority that is (the result of) endeavour and reflection.
تو بگو داده‌ی خدا بهتر بود یاکه لنگی راهوارانه رود
Tell (me), is the gift of God better, or (is it better) that a lame person should (learn to) walk smoothly (without stumbling)?




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