How the plotters returned from the chamber

How the plotters returned from the chamber of Ayáz to the King with empty bags and overcome by shame, as those who thought ill of the prophets, on whom be peace, (shall be confounded) at the time when their (the prophets’) innocence and holiness shall be made manifest; for (God hath said), “on the Day when (some) faces shall be white and (some) faces shall be black,” and He hath said, “and thou shalt see those who lied against God, their faces blackened.” بازگشتن نمامان از حجره‌ی ایاز به سوی شاه توبره تهی و خجل هم‌چون بدگمانان در حق انبیا علیهم‌السلام بر وقت ظهور برائت و پاکی ایشان کی یوم تبیض وجوه و تسود وجوه و قوله تری الذین کذبوا علی الله وجوههم مسودة

شاه قاصد گفت هین احوال چیست که بغلتان از زر و همیان تهیست
The King, (speaking) with a purpose, said, “What has happened? for your arms are empty of gold and purses;
ور نهان کردید دینار و تسو فر شادی در رخ و رخسار کو
And if ye have concealed the pounds and pence, (then) where is the brightness of joy (that should appear) on cheeks and countenance?
گرچه پنهان بیخ هر بیخ آورست برگ سیماهم وجوهم اخضرست
Although the roots of every rooty (tree) are hidden, (yet) the leaves their marks (upon) their faces are green.
آنچ خورد آن بیخ از زهر و ز قند نک منادی می‌کند شاخ بلند
Lo, the lofty bough is proclaiming what the root has imbibed, whether it be poison or sugar.
بیخ اگر بی‌برگ و از مایه تهیست برگهای سبز اندر شاخ چیست
If the root is leafless and without sap, what (then) are (signify) the green leaves on the bough?
بر زبان بیخ گل مهری نهد شاخ دست و پا گواهی می‌دهد
The earth lays a seal on the root’s tongue, (but) the bough, its hand and foot, is bearing witness.”
آن امینان جمله در عذر آمدند هم‌چو سایه پیش مه ساجد شدند
All those trusted (officers) began to excuse themselves: they fell prostrate, like a shadow in the presence of the moon.
عذر آن گرمی و لاف و ما و من پیش شه رفتند با تیغ و کفن
In excuse for that heat (hot-headedness) and boasting and egoism they went to the King with sword and winding-sheet,
از خجالت جمله انگشتان گزان هر یکی می‌گفت کای شاه جهان
All of them biting their fingers from shame, and every one saying, “O King of the world,
گر بریزی خون حلالستت حلال ور ببخشی هست انعام و نوال
If thou shed (our) blood, ’tis lawful, lawful (for thee to do so); and if thou forgive, ’tis (an act of) grace and bounty.
کرده‌ایم آنها که از ما می‌سزید تا چه فرمایی تو ای شاه مجید
We have done those deeds that were worthy of us: consider what thou wilt command, O glorious King.
گر ببخشی جرم ما ای دل‌فروز شب شبیها کرده باشد روز روز
If thou forgive our crime, O thou who makest the heart radiant, the night will have shown the qualities of night, and the day (those of) day.
گر ببخشی یافت نومیدی گشاد ورنه صد چون ما فدای شاه باد
If thou forgive, despair will be removed; and if not, may a hundred like us be a sacrifice to the King!”
گفت شه نه این نواز و این گداز من نخواهم کرد هست آن ایاز
The King replied, “Nay, I will not show this clemency or deal this punishment: that (right) belongs to Ayáz.




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