Setting forth how the beasts

Setting forth how the beasts of chase told the lion to trust in God and cease from exerting himself بیان توکل و ترک جهد گفتن نخجیران به شیر

طایفه‌‌ی نخجیر در وادی خوش
بودشان از شیر دایم کش مکش‌‌
A number of beasts of chase in a pleasant valley were continually harassed by a lion.
بس که آن شیر از کمین درمی‌‌ربود
آن چرا بر جمله ناخوش گشته بود
Inasmuch as the lion was (springing) from ambush and carrying them away, that pasturage had become unpleasant to them all.
حیله کردند آمدند ایشان بشیر
کز وظیفه ما ترا داریم سیر
They made a plot: they came to the lion, saying, “We will keep thee full-fed by means of a (fixed) allowance.
بعد از این اندر پی صیدی میا
تا نگردد تلخ بر ما این گیا
Henceforth do not come in quest of any prey in order that this grass may not become bitter to us.”



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