Commentary on the Tradition that Mustafá

Commentary on the Tradition that Mustafá (Mohammed) the blessings of God be upon him! said, “There are two greedy ones who will never be satisfied: the seeker of the present world and the seeker of knowledge.” This “knowledge” must be different from “knowledge of the present world,” in order that there may be the two (separate) classes (mentioned in the Tradition); but “knowledge of the present world” is just the same (in effect) as “the present world,” etc.; and if it (the double phrase used above) be equivalent to “the seeker of the present world and the seeker of the present world,” that would be repetition, not division (into two categories). With the exposition thereof. در تفسیر این خبر کی مصطفی صلوات‌الله علیه فرمود منهومان لا یشبعان طالب الدنیا و طالب العلم کی این علم غیر علم دنیا باید تا دو قسم باشد اما علم دنیا هم دنیا باشد الی آخره و اگر هم‌چنین شود کی طالب الدنیا و طالب الدنیا تکرار بود نه تقسیم مع تقریره

طالب الدنیا و توفیراتها طالب العلم و تدبیراتها
(The two classes mentioned are) the seeker of the present world and its abundant opportunities for acquisition, and the seeker of knowledge and the considerations proper to it.
پس درین قسمت چو بگماری نظر غیر دنیا باشد این علم ای پدر
Now, when you fix your attention on this division, (you will see that) this knowledge must be other than the present world, O father.
غیر دنیا پس چه باشد آخرت کت کند زینجا و باشد رهبرت
What, then, is other than the present world? The next world, (the knowledge of) which will take you away from here and be your guide (to God).




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