Showing that there is in every soul

Showing that there is in every soul the mischief of the Mosque of Opposition. بیان آن که در هر نفسی فتنه‏ی مسجد ضرار است‏

چون پدید آمد که آن مسجد نبود
خانه‏ی حیلت بد و دام جهود
When it appeared that that was not a mosque, (but) was a house of intrigue and a trap laid by the Jews,
پس نبی فرمود کان را بر کنید
مطرحه‏ی خاشاک و خاکستر کنید
The Prophet then gave the command (and said), “Rase it and make it a dumping-place for rubbish and ashes.”
صاحب مسجد چو مسجد قلب بود
دانه‏ها بر دام ریزی نیست جود
The founder of the Mosque was false, like the Mosque (itself): ‘tis not munificence if you sprinkle grain upon a snare.
گوشت کاندر شست تو ماهی رباست
آن چنان لقمه نه بخشش نه سخاست‏
The meat that catches the fish on the hook such a morsel is neither bounty nor generosity.
مسجد اهل قبا کان بد جماد
آن چه کفو او نبد راهش نداد
The Mosque of the people of Qubá, which was inanimate he (the Prophet) did not admit to (equality with) it that which was not its equal.
در جمادات این چنین حیفی نرفت
زد در آن ناکفو امیر داد نفت‏
(Even) in the case of lifeless things such a wrong did not come to pass: the lord of justice (Mohammed) set fire to that unequal (and incongruous Mosque).
پس حقایق را که اصل اصلهاست
دان که آن جا فرق‏ها و فصل‏هاست‏
Therefore (a fortiori) in the case of the (human) essences, which are the foundation of all fundamentals, know that there (too) there are differences and divisions.
نه حیاتش چون حیات او بود
نه مماتش چون ممات او بود
Neither is his (one man’s) life like his (another man’s) life, nor is his death like his death.
گور او هرگز چو گور او مدان
خود چه گویم حال فرق آن جهان‏
Never deem his (this one’s) grave like his (that one’s) grave. How indeed shall I describe the difference (between them) in that (other) world?
بر محک زن کار خود ای مرد کار
تا نسازی مسجد اهل ضرار
Put thy work to the touchstone, O man of work, lest thou build the Mosque of the Opposers.
بس بر آن مسجد کنان تسخر زدی
چون نظر کردی تو خود ز یشان بدی‏
Thou has mocked, then, at those Mosque-makers; (but) when thou considerest (carefully), thou thyself hast been one of them.


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