How the prophets, on whom be peace

How the prophets, on whom be peace, answered them once more. باز جواب انبیا علیهم السلام

انبیا گفتند فال زشت و بد از میان جانتان دارد مدد
The prophets said, “The foul and evil presage has its support from within your souls.
گر تو جایی خفته باشی با خطر اژدها در قصد تو از سوی سر
If you are asleep in a perilous place, and a dragon is approaching you from a spot close at hand,
مهربانی مر ترا آگاه کرد که بجه زود ار نه اژدرهات خورد
And a kindly person has made you aware (of it), saying, ‘Jump up quickly, or else the dragon will devour you’
تو بگویی فال بد چون می‌زنی فال چه بر جه ببین در روشنی
If you say, ‘Why are you uttering an evil presage?’ (he will reply), ‘What (evil) presage? Jump up and see in the light of day.
از میان فال بد من خود ترا می‌رهانم می‌برم سوی سرا
I myself will deliver you from the midst of the evil presage and will take you home.’
چون نبی آگه کننده‌ست از نهان کو بدید آنچ ندید اهل جهان
He (such a person) is one that acquaints (you) with things hidden, like the prophet who has seen what the people of this world have not seen.
گر طبیبی گویدت غوره مخور که چنین رنجی بر آرد شور و شر
If a physician say to you, ‘Do not eat unripe grapes, for such an illness (as is caused by them) will produce (grave) trouble and mischief,’
تو بگویی فال بد چون می‌زنی پس تو ناصح را مثم می‌کنی
And if you say, ‘Why are you uttering an evil presage?’ then you are making out your sincere adviser to be culpable.
ور منجم گویدت کامروز هیچ آنچنان کاری مکن اندر پسیچ
And if an astrologer say to you, ‘By no means set about such an affair to-day,’
صد ره ار بینی دروغ اختری یک دوباره راست آید می‌خری
Though you see the falsehood of the astrologer a hundred times, (yet if) it (the prediction) come true once or twice, you are eager to trust him.
این نجوم ما نشد هرگز خلاف صحتش چون ماند از تو در غلاف
These stars of ours are never at variance (with the truth): how does their truth remain concealed from you?
آن طبیب و آن منجم از گمان می‌کنند آگاه و ما خود از عیان
The physician and the astrologer inform (you) from (their own) opinion, and verily we (inform you) from clairvoyance:
دود می‌بینیم و آتش از کران حمله می‌آرد به سوی منکران
We behold the smoke and fire rushing from afar towards the unbelievers.
تو همی‌گویی خمش کن زین مقال که زیان ماست قال شوم‌فال
You are saying, ‘Be silent (and refrain) from these words, for the words of evil presage are hurtful to us.’”
ای که نصح ناصحان را نشنوی فال بد با تست هر جا می‌روی
O you who hearken not unto the admonition of the admonishers, the evil presage is with you wherever you go.
افعیی بر پشت تو بر می‌رود او ز بامی بیندش آگه کند
A viper is walking on your back: he (the admonisher) sees it from a roof and makes (you) aware;
گوییش خاموش غمگینم مکن گوید او خوش باش خود رفت آن سخن
You say to him, “Hush! do not vex me”: he says, “Be happy! Truly, the words have gone (have been spoken).”
چون زند افعی دهان بر گردنت تلخ گردد جمله شادی جستنت
When the viper darts its mouth at your neck, all your desire for happiness
is made bitter.
پس بدو گویی همین بود ای فلان چون بندریدی گریبان در فغان
Then you say to him, “O so-and-so, was this all (the warning you gave me)? Why didn’t you tear your collar in outcry,
یا ز بالایم تو سنگی می‌زدی تا مرا آن جد نمودی و بدی
Or why weren’t you throwing a stone at me from above, in order that that grave calamity and misfortune might be shown to me (plainly)?”
او بگوید زآنک می‌آزرده‌ای تو بگویی نیک شادم کرده‌ای
He says, “(I refrained) because you were annoyed”; you say (ironically), “You have made me very happy!”
گفت من کردم جوامردی بپند تا رهانم من ترا زین خشک بند
He says, “I bestowed counsel generously, that I might deliver you from this sterile (unprofitable) bondage.
از لیمی حق آن نشناختی مایه‌ی ایذا و طغیان ساختی
From vileness you acknowledged no obligation for that (generosity): you made (it) a source of injury and insolence.”
این بود خوی لیمان دنی بد کند با تو چو نیکویی کنی
This is the nature of base villains: he (such a one) does evil to thee when thou doest good (to him).
نفس را زین صبر می‌کن منحنیش که لیمست و نسازد نیکویش
As for the fleshly soul, bend it double (mortify it) by means of this renunciation, for it is vile, and kindness suiteth it not.
با کریمی گر کنی احسان سزد مر یکی را او عوض هفصد دهد
If thou show beneficence to a noble man, ’tis fitting: he will give seven hundred (benefits) in exchange for every one (conferred upon him);
با لیمی چون کنی قهر و جفا بنده‌ای گردد ترا بس با وفا
(But be merciless to the ignoble): when thou treatest a villain with violence and cruelty, he becomes a very faithful servant to thee.
کافران کارند در نعمت جفا باز در دوزخ نداشان ربنا
The infidels in (their) prosperity sow (the seed of) cruelty; again (afterwards) in Hell their cry is “O Lord, (deliver us)!”




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