Story of Bilqís’ sending a gift

Story of Bilqís’ sending a gift

Story of Bilqís’ sending a gift from the city of Sabá to Solomon, on whom be peace. قصه‌ی هدیه فرستادن بلقیس از شهر سبا سوی سلیمان علیه‌السلام

هدیه‌ی بلقیس چل استر بدست
بار آنها جمله خشت زر بدست
The gift of Bilqís was forty mules: their whole load consisted of bricks of gold.
چون به صحرای سلیمانی رسید
فرش آن را جمله زر پخته دید
When he (the envoy) reached the open plain, belonging to Solomon, he saw that its carpet was (made) entirely of solid gold.
بر سر زر تا چهل منزل براند
تا که زر را در نظر آبی نماند
He rode on gold for the distance of forty stages, till gold had no more esteem in his sight.
بارها گفتند زر را وا بریم
سوی مخزن ما چه بیگار اندریم
(Many) times they said, “Let us take the gold back to the treasury: what a (fruitless) quest are we (engaged) in!
عرصه‌ای کش خاک زر ده دهیست
زر به هدیه بردن آنجا ابلهیست
A spacious land of which the soil is pure gold to bring gold thither as a gift is folly.”
ای ببرده عقل هدیه تا اله
عقل آنجا کمترست از خاک راه
O thou who hast brought intelligence to God as a gift, there intelligence is less (in value) than the dust of the road.
چون کساد هدیه آنجا شد پدید
شرمساریشان همی واپس کشید
When the worthlessness of the gift became apparent there (in Solomon’s kingdom), shamefacedness was drawing them back (towards Bilqís);
باز گفتند ار کساد و ار روا
چیست بر ما بنده فرمانیم ما
(But) again they said, “Whether it be worthless or valuable, what matter to us? We are slaves (bound) to (obey) the command.
گر زر و گر خاک ما را بردنیست
امر فرمان‌ده به جا آوردنیست
Whether we have to bring gold or earth, the command of the one who gives the command is to be executed.
گر بفرمایند که واپس برید
هم به فرمان تحفه را باز آورید
If they command you to bring it back (to Bilqís), (then) take the gift back according to the command.”
خنده‌ش آمد چون سلیمان آن بدید
کز شما من کی طلب کردم ثرید
When Solomon beheld that (gift), he laughed, saying, “When did I seek tharíd from you?
من نمی‌گویم مرا هدیه دهید
بلک گفتم لایق هدیه شوید
I do not bid you bestow gifts on me; nay, I bid you be worthy of the gifts (which I bestow);
که مرا از غیب نادر هدیه‌هاست
که بشر آن را نیارد نیز خواست
For I have rare gifts (coming) from the Unseen, which human beings durst not even ask for.
می‌پرستید اختری کو زر کند
رو باو آرید کو اختر کند
Ye worship the star (planet) that makes gold: turn your faces towards Him that makes the star.
می‌پرستید آفتاب چرخ را
خوار کرده جان عالی‌نرخ را
Ye worship the sun in heaven, having despised the Spirit (which is) of high price.
آفتاب از امر حق طباخ ماست
ابلهی باشد که گوییم او خداست
The sun, by command of God, is our cook: ’twere folly that we should say it is God.
آفتابت گر بگیرد چون کنی
آن سیاهی زو تو چون بیرون کنی
If He (God) cause thy sun be eclipsed, what wilt thou do? How wilt thou expel that blackness from it?
نه به درگاه خدا آری صداع
که سیاهی را ببر وا ده شعاع
Wilt not thou bring thy headache (trouble and pain) to the court of God, saying, ‘Take the blackness away, give back the radiance!’
گر کشندت نیم‌شب خورشید کو
تا بنالی یا امان خواهی ازو
If they would kill thee at midnight, where is the sun, that thou shouldst wail (in supplication) and beg protection of it?
حادثات اغلب به شب واقع شود
وان زمان معبود تو غایب بود
Calamities, for the most part, happen in the night; and at that time the object of thy worship is absent.
سوی حق گر راستانه خم شوی
وا رهی از اختران محرم شوی
If thou sincerely bow (in prayer) to God, thou wilt be delivered from the stars: thou wilt become intimate (with God).
چون شوی محرم گشایم با تو لب
تا ببینی آفتابی نیم‌شب
When thou becomest intimate, I will open my lips (to speak) with thee, that thou may’st behold a Sun at midnight.
جز روان پاک او را شرق نه
در طلوعش روز و شب را فرق نه
It hath no Orient but the pure spirit: in (respect of) its rising, there is no difference between day and night.
روز آن باشد که او شارق شود
شب نماند شب چو او بارق شود
’Tis day when it (the Sun) rises; when it begins to shine, night is night no more.
چون نماید ذره پیش آفتاب
هم‌چنانست آفتاب اندر لباب
(Such) as the mote appears in the presence of the sun, even such is the sun (of this world) in the pure substance (of the Light of God).
آفتابی را که رخشان می‌شود
دیده پیشش کند و حیران می‌شود
The sun that becomes resplendent, and before which the (keenest) sight is blunted and dazzled.
هم‌چو ذره بینیش در نور عرش
پیش نور بی حد موفور عرش
Thou wilt see it as a mote in the light of the Divine Throne, (a mote) beside the illimitable abounding light of the Divine Throne.
خوار و مسکین بینی او را بی‌قرار
دیده را قوت شده از کردگار
Thou wilt deem it base and lowly and impermanent, (when) strength has come to thine (inward) eye from the Creator.”
کیمیایی که ازو یک ماثری
بر دخان افتاد گشت آن اختری
(The Divine Light is) the Philosophers’ Stone from which a single impression fell on the (primal) vapour, and it (the vapour) became a star;
نادر اکسیری که از وی نیم تاب
بر ظلامی زد به گردش آفتاب
The unique elixir of which half a gleam struck upon a (region of) darkness and made it the sun;
بوالعجب میناگری کز یک عمل
بست چندین خاصیت را بر زحل
The marvellous alchemist who by a single operation fastened all these properties on Saturn.
باقی اخترها و گوهرهای جان
هم برین مقیاس ای طالب بدان
Know, O seeker, that the remaining planets and the spiritual substances are (to be judged) according to the same standard.
دیده‌ی حسی زبون آفتاب
دیده‌ی ربانیی جو و بیاب
The sensuous eye is subject to the sun: seek and find a divine eye,
تا زبون گردد به پیش آن نظر
شعشعات آفتاب با شرر
In order that the beams of the flaming sun may become subject (abased) before that vision;
که آن نظر نوری و این ناری بود
نار پیش نور بس تاری بود
For that vision is luminous, while these (sunbeams) are igneous: fire is very dark in comparison with light.




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