Story of Halíma’s asking help of the idols

Story of Halíma’s asking help of the idols

Story of Halíma’s asking help of the idols when she lost Mustafá (Mohammed) on whom be peace after he was weaned, and how the idols trembled and prostrated themselves and bore witness to the grandeur of Mohammed’s estate may God bless and save him! قصه‌ی یاری خواستن حلیمه از بتان چون عقیب فطام مصطفی را علیه‌السلام گم کرد و لرزیدن و سجده‌ی بتان و گواهی دادن ایشان بر عظمت کار مصطفی صلی‌الله علیه و سلم

قصه‌ی راز حلیمه گویمت
تا زداید داستان او غمت
I will tell you the story of Halíma’s mystic experience, that her tale may clear away your trouble.
مصطفی را چون ز شیر او باز کرد
بر کفش برداشت چون ریحان و ورد
When she parted Mustafá from (her) milk, she took him up on the palm of her hand as (tenderly as though he were) sweet basil and roses,
می‌گریزانیدش از هر نیک و بد
تا سپارد آن شهنشه را به جد
Causing him to avoid every good or evil (hap), that she might commit that (spiritual) emperor to (the care of) his grandsire.
چون همی آورد امانت را ز بیم
شد به کعبه و آمد او اندر حطیم
Since she was bringing the (precious) trust in fear (for its safety), she went to the Ka‘ba and came into the Hatím.
از هوا بشنید بانگی کای حطیم
تافت بر تو آفتابی بس عظیم
From the air she heard a cry “O Hatím, an exceedingly mighty Sun hath shone upon thee.
ای حطیم امروز آید بر تو زود
صد هزاران نور از خورشید جود
O Hatím, to-day there will suddenly come upon thee a hundred thousand beams from the Sun of munificence.
ای حطیم امروز آرد در تو رخت
محتشم شاهی که پیک اوست بخت
O Hatím, to-day there will march into thee with pomp a glorious King, whose harbinger is Fortune.
ای حطیم امروز بی‌شک از نوی
منزل جانهای بالایی شوی
O Hatím, to-day without doubt thou wilt become anew the abode of exalted spirits.
جان پاکان طلب طلب و جوق جوق
آیدت از هر نواحی مست شوق
The spirits of the holy will come to thee from every quarter in troops and multitudes, drunken with desire.”
گشت حیران آن حلیمه زان صدا
نه کسی در پیش نه سوی قفا
Halíma was bewildered by that voice: neither in front nor behind was any one (to be seen).
شش جهت خالی ز صورت وین ندا
شد پیاپی آن ندا را جان فدا
(All) the six directions were empty of (any visible) form, and this cry was continuous may the soul be a ransom for that cry!
مصطفی را بر زمین بنهاد او
تا کند آن بانگ خوش را جست و جو
She laid Mustafá on the earth, that she might search after the sweet sound.
چشم می‌انداخت آن دم سو به سو
که کجا است این شه اسرارگو
Then she cast her eye to and fro, saying, “Where is that king that tells of mysteries?
کین چنین بانگ بلند از چپ و راست
می‌رسد یا رب رساننده کجاست
For such a loud sound is arriving from left and right. O Lord, where is he that causes it to arrive?”
چون ندید او خیره و نومید شد
جسم لرزان هم‌چو شاخ بید شد
When she did not see (any one), she became distraught and despairing: her body began to tremble like the willow-bough.
باز آمد سوی آن طفل رشید
مصطفی را بر مکان خود ندید
She came back towards that righteous child: she did not see Mustafá in his (former) place.
حیرت اندر حیرت آمد بر دلش
گشت بس تاریک از غم منزلش
Bewilderment on bewilderment fell upon her heart: from grief her abode became very dark.
سوی منزلها دوید و بانگ داشت
که کی بر دردانه‌ام غارت گماشت
She ran to the dwellings (hard by) and raised an outcry, saying, “Who has carried off my single pearl?”
مکیان گفتند ما را علم نیست
ما ندانستیم که آنجا کودکیست
The Meccans said, “We have no knowledge: we knew not that a child was there.”
ریخت چندان اشک و کرد او بس فغان
که ازو گریان شدند آن دیگران
She shed so many tears and made (so) much lamentation that those others began to weep because of her (grief).
سینه کوبان آن چنان بگریست خوش
که اختران گریان شدند از گریه‌اش
Beating her breast, she wept so well (mightily) that the stars were made to weep by her weeping.




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