How the slave wrote to the King a statement

How the slave wrote to the King a statement complaining of the reduction of his allowance نوشتن آن غلام قصه‌ی شکایت نقصان اجری سوی پادشاه

قصه کوته کن برای آن غلام
که سوی شه بر نوشتست او پیام
Cut short the discourse (on these topics) for the sake of (re turning to the story of) the slave who has written a message to the King
قصه پر جنگ و پر هستی و کین
می‌فرستد پیش شاه نازنین
He is sending to the gracious King a statement filled with wrangling and self-conceit and hatred.
کالبد نامه‌ست اندر وی نگر
هست لایق شاه را آنگه ببر
The body is (like) a letter: look into it (and see) whether it is worthy of the King; then take it (to Him).
گوشه‌ای رو نامه را بگشا بخوان
بین که حرفش هست در خورد شهان
Go into a corner, open the letter, read (it), see whether its‘ words are suitable to kings.
گر نباشد درخور آن را پاره کن
نامه‌ی دیگر نویس و چاره کن
If it be not suitable, tear it in pieces and write another letter and remedy (the fault).
لیک فتح نامه‌ی تن زپ مدان
ورنه هر کس سر دل دیدی عیان
But do not think it is easy to open the letter which is the body; otherwise every one would plainly see the secret of the heart.
نامه بگشادن چه دشوارست و صعب
کار مردانست نه طفلان کعب
How hard and difficult is it to open the letter! ‘Tis a task for men, not for children playing at knuckle
جمله بر فهرست قانع گشته‌ایم
زانک در حرص و هوا آغشته‌ایم
We have all become satisfied with (reading) the table of contents, because we are steeped in cupidity and vain desire.
باشد آن فهرست دامی عامه را
تا چنان دانند متن نامه را
The table of contents is a snare for the vulgar, that they may think the text of the scroll is like that (table).
باز کن سرنامه را گردن متاب
زین سخن والله اعلم بالصواب
Open the title-page, do not turn your neck aside from these words and God best knoweth the right course.
هست آن عنوان چو اقرار زبان
متن نامه‌ی سینه را کن امتحان
That title is like a declaration made by the tongue: examine the text of the scroll, namely, the bosom (your inward self),
که موافق هست با اقرار تو
تا منافق‌وار نبود کار تو
(And see) whether it is in agreement with your declaration, in order that your actions may not be hypocritical.
چون جوالی بس گرانی می‌بری
زان نباید کم که در وی بنگری
When you are carrying a very heavy sack, you must not fail to look into it,
که چه داری در جوال از تلخ و خوش
گر همی ارزد کشیدن را بکش
(To see) what of sour and sweet you have in the sack. If it is worth bringing along, bring it;
ورنه خالی کن جوالت را ز سنگ
باز خر خود را ازین بیگار و ننگ
Otherwise, empty your sack of the stones (in it), and redeem yourself from this fruitless toil and disgrace.
در جوال آن کن که می‌باید کشید
سوی سلطانان و شاهان رشید
Put in the sack that (only) which must be brought to righteous sultans and kings.




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